$50 Gets You Dinner For 2 In Your NYC Apartment

Last week the hubs and I hired a personal chef via the site Kitchensurfing.  It works like so:

1. Pick your date.  You can even book same-day if you book before 3pm, or you can book something 7 days in advance.  The time slots available for cooking are between 6 to 9pm, Monday through Friday.

2. Pick your menu.  There are 3 options everyday–typically one meat, one fish, and one vegetarian.  

3. At your reserved time, your chef shows up at your apartment, prepped food (meaning already sliced, diced, etc. to save on time) and cooking supplies brought with them.  Within 30 minutes, they will cook and plate your meal AND clean up, being on their merry way.

All of this for $25 a person.

So–let’s talk real life.  I absolutely LOVE this concept, and our experience was nothing short of stellar–our chef was sweet and professional, our meal was scrumptious as can be, and of course–I totally dug the “no cooking, no cleanup for Jess!”

unnamed-25The minimum you can have a chef in for is 2 people, which is a $50 dinner commitment.  The portion for one was the perfect amount of food for me to eat in one sitting–the vegetarian main (a veggie risotto) and 2 sides (roasted carrots and a beet and goat cheese salad).  However, no leftovers for lunch, as I would typically have from a restaurant/take-out portioned meal at the same price point.  My husband, not a light eater, was still pretty hungry afterwards, and ended up making himself a fried egg sammy to supplement.  When you compare the amount of food you’re getting for the price point, you can definitely get a lot more bang for your buck via Seamless.  (Or maybe this was just a big wake up call that we need to work on portion control…!)

unnamed-26Verdict?  I will absolutely use Kitchensurfing again, but probably not just for us two–more likely when we’re having people over for a special dinner (because if you’re going to a nice restaurant to dinner in NYC chances are you will not leave there at any less than $25 a person–plus wine is way cheaper this way when you can buy your own).  I love the concept of dinner being prepped for you, so you can spend time with your guests–and at a dinner party I would have enough apps plus a dessert to ensure nobody leaves hungry.

Would love to hear from you–is this something you’d try, or is $50 better spent elsewhere?  Let’s talk below!

p.s. for $25 off your first meal, enter code kstfdfe5fd78b7c at checkout.


  • I love this concept Jess. I have heard of it a lot here in Melbourne and it was always with positive comments.
    But, this amount of food will definitely not be enough for my husband either…

  • Wait, that’s insane it’s the same price for vegetarian! Just silly!
    I do like the idea though, I think this is perfect a perfect special date option for fellas (or ladies!) who can. not. cook. There certainly are plenty of them in this town!

  • Heather says:

    I agree, this sounds perfect for a dinner party! I’d love to have someone cook and clean-up for me every so often, but my super hungry hubby would not be pleased with those portion sizes!

  • Sounds like an absolute bargain and quite similar to my recent La Belle Assiette experience, although we were certainly not hungry after that 😉

  • Lydia says:

    Oh I’ve heard about this! It’s good to read a review about it. I’m sure it’d be so delicious, but I’m not too sure I’d like someone else cooking in my house! Also as a veggie, don’t you get a bit annoyed when they charge you the same as they charge a meat eater? (That’s my problem with Blue Apron too!) Unless perhaps the $25 is more for the service than the food itself.

    • Used York City says:

      I completely agree, Lydia! I just don’t see how risotto and carrots cost the same as a filet–I think if they perhaps lowered the cost for a vegetarian meal (or at least gave slightly bigger portions) we’d be more likely to use the service regularly.

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