NYC, Meet Your Personal Valet: DropCar

The only thing worse than driving in NYC?  You guessed it: parking.  Whether you’re trying to find street parking (fuggedaboutit!), or searching for a parking garage that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (the total bill is HOW MUCH?!?), it’s a process that sucks away your money, sanity, and most of all, time.

Enter DropCar!  Based on the premise that parking your car in NYC should be fast, pain free, cost-effective, and 100% secure, DropCar is the service that makes parking your car as easy as opening your phone and pressing a button.  Done and done!

What I love about this service is that it takes the stress out of parking your car in the city, and offers an on-call personal valet wherever you may be!  There’s different levels depending on your needs.  Meet the DropCar Team!


For $10 an hour, Will waits in your car while you go shopping, catch a matinee, go for a teeth cleaning, catch a quick dinner…you name it!


For $40 a day, Val valets your car for the day, picking it up/dropping it off wherever you are.


For $149 for the first month, Steve stores your car when you don’t need it, and drives it back to you when you do.


For $9 a transfer, Tom transfers your car to a nearby garage when you’re running late.

This sure beats the $600+ a month my friends with cars in the city pay for garage fees, right?!

Ready to get started?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Download the “DropCar” app (App Store or Google Play)
2. Drop the pin where you want a valet to meet you.
3. When you’re ready, they’ll return your car in minutes.


And with a 100% no ticket guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll never return to your car with one of those awful orange envelopes stuck in the windshield.  DropCar offers the busy New Yorker convenience, peace of mind, and a whole lotta time that they never would have had otherwise.  For that, we thank you!


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