A Taste Of Ukraine In The East Village

One of my friends has a Ukrainian boxing coach here in NYC, who constantly raves that the best food outside of Ukraine can be found just downtown in the East Village, at the appropriately named Ukrainian East Village Restaurant.  I strolled down for lunch one weekday afternoon, and besides a table of men speaking the Mother Language, had the place all to myself.

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It took me all of 2 seconds looking at the menu to decide I wanted cheese pierogies and cherry and cheese blintzes (cheese and potatoes? yes, please! da, pozhaluysta!)  Now, I don’t have much experience to compare this to, as Ukraine cuisine is not something I regularly dabble in.  But–it was delicious, quick, well priced, and both plates were licked clean.  I’d totally recommend checking them out for a little tastebud vacation to Eastern Europe…the best borscht and kasha varnishkes in NYC await!

p.s. they also host weekly dance lessons in the restaurant’s backroom–how’s that for a fun date night?!

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Are you a fan of Ukrainian food?  Share your go-to dish/restaurant below!

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