Danish Design Store With Dollar Tree Pricing

I was on the hunt for cute paper napkins for brunch that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, and after leaving Crate & Barrel absolutely refusing to pay $8 for 20 nautical paper napkins, the stars so aligned that I happened to stumble into Flying Tiger.

Cue the music as the skies open up with heavenly beams, people.

Located in Flatiron, Flying Tiger is a Danish store with a quirky and ever-changing selection of their own designed and branded products.  Okay, okay, we have plenty of those stores in NYC, but the real important part is: they are legit affordable!  You can really walk in there with a 5 dollar bill and walk out with a sense of “by golly, what a steal!”  Think of it as your home town Dollar Tree growing up…only they actually carry products that are super adorable that you’ll want to buy.

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The store carries everything from kitchen utensils, office supplies, toys, hobby and crafts, party products, food, stationery, electronics, sports, gadgets and fashion accessories.  Everything is stylish and colorful, practical, original and filled with humorous Scandinavian flavor.  I particularly loved the large wall of 2 for $1 greeting cards they carry…as I often say, one can never have too many greeting cards, and these are unique and would certainly put a smile on the recipient’s face!  And of course I was tickled as punch to find another wall dedicated to paper napkins…all packs for $1!  Take that, Crate & Barrel!

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Would love to know…do you have a go-to store for cheap and adorable knick-knacks?  Share below!



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