10 NYC Adventures To Enjoy This Summer

There’s no better time to break out of your normal routine than during summer in NYC.  The city seems to empty out on the weekends (thank you, Hamptons!), and having your own mini-adventure can be just as therapeutic as an actual vacation…plus, no packing!

We’ve perused through our archives to bring you 10 things you should, without a doubt, try before fall sets in.  Happy adventuring, NYC!


1. Treat yourself to a $25 massage.

2. Head to Queens to take a guided tour of Louis Armstrong’s house.

3. Get lost in nature in the Bronx’s New York Botanical Garden, free Wednesdays and from 9-10am Saturdays.

4. Drink the best frozen margaritas in the city overlooking the Hudson, with your pooch!

5. Grab your sweet tooth and go on a cupcake crawl!

6. Pick a neighborhood you’re unfamiliar with and go on an iPod walking tour.

7. Spend the day sunning at one of the many NYC pools (several of them free!)

8. Join a free outdoor yoga class.

9. Cool down at one of these 5 amazing ice cream parlors.

10. Head to one of these NY beaches, no car required!

What’s on your summer adventure list?  Share below!

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