My Monthly Manhattan Mini-Adventures

My Manhattan Mini-Adventures for the month of August are below, curating what I’m loving about NYC and life, currently.


One: I joined Walks of New York’s new tour, Disney On Broadway, and seriously had the best time learning about the history of Broadway, taking a tour of the legendary New Amsterdam Theater, and trying on costumes from various Disney musicals.  If you’re a Broadway Buff, I seriously can’t recommend this tour enough. (p.s. that’s my 20 week baby bump, sporting Mary Poppins attire!;-)

Two: My favorite little at-home luxury is burning a deliciously scented candle.  After perusing, oh, about every scent possible at the Columbus Circle Diptyque store, I came away with my new favorite: Pomander, which has been burning constantly ever since.  Orange-cinnamon Victorian pot-pourri is the inspiration for this candle, and it’s truly delightful.


Three: So happy I was able to catch Shows For Days with the legendary Patti LuPone!  Truly such a beautiful (and hysterical!) show.

Four: Have you guys jumped on the overnight oats craze?  I tried this chocolate recipe, which is as good for breakfast as it is for dessert (and also vegan!)

Five: If you’re in need of a quick laugh, I’d recommend Bravo’s new comedy, Odd Mom Out, in which our main character Jill learns to navigate NYC’s uber-wealthy Upper East Side.  My favorite episode was Episode 5, Brooklandia, which compares extreme caricatures of Brooklyn parenting versus UES parenting.  Let’s just say…there’s a scene involving placenta smoothies!


Six: I had a meeting at Ground Central Coffee Company in Midtown East, such a convert!  There’s even a little library in the back!


Seven: Chocolate Moulton Cake is not something I take lightly, and I had the best one ever at Bar Pleiades.  Although it’s small, it packs more flavor per bite than larger counterparts around the city.


Eight: We’ve been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather by picnicking in Central Park for dinner.  Gosh, I love summer in NYC!

Nine: As a total Type-A, I love planning fun events in advance.  Gives you something to look forward to, right?!  The UYC Team is totally stoked for The 5th Annual Village Voice Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival happening in September.  We’d love to see you there, so grab your tickets now, too!

What’s been your favorite mini-adventure this month?  Share below!


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