Unlimited Theater Films For Only $35?!


My first real job as a teenager was working at my town’s local movie theater.  While I held many random jobs after…from nannying to working at a bed and breakfast to coffee shop barista-ing…my movie theater job was always #1 in the “random jobs Jess has had” category.

Mind you, the pay was terrible (I think the going rate for minimum wage was $5.15 back then?!), BUT with unlimited popcorn, cherry soda, and most of all, free movies…it was kinnndddaaa my dream job.  Even now, well over 15 years later, give me an option of what I want to do on a lazy Saturday and 9 times out of 10, I’ll suggest a movie.  I just love movie theaters, guys.

Now, the going rate for films in Manhattan is nothing to sneeze at…$15 for the ticket alone.  There’s off-Broadway theaters with better prices than that!  So I was delighted when I heard about a company called Moviepass, which lets you see unlimited movies in theaters for a flat fee of only $35 a month (if you live outside of NYC it’s $30 a month…yes, yes, we get up-charged on everything!)  And they even give you a free two week trial to see how you like it!

I’ve had my Moviepass for about a month now, and seriously, besides my Metrocard it’s my favorite card in my wallet.  There’s no blackout dates on movies (i.e. you can see any film the day it comes out), it’s accepted at all major theaters (and actually a lot of the little ones, too!), and you can see a new movie every 24 hours!  It’s the best, guys.

A super simple tutorial on how it works:

  1. Request your free trial, and your card will be mailed!
  2. Download the Moviepass app onto your smart phone.
  3. When you are within 100 feet of the theater, you can use the Moviepass app to check in on your smart phone, clicking the film and showtime of the movie you wish to see.
  4. Voila!  Use the card (as you would any credit card) to swipe and get your ticket!


If you typically see at least 3 films a month (or 2 outside NYC!), it’s totally a great deal.  Plus the fact that you can use it at a lot of the independent theaters in NYC, too, makes it super versatile.  I, for one, think it’s probably the best subscription service out there right now.  A massive Cherry Coke cheers, Moviepass!

Are you a movie theater going buff?  Or do you prefer the Netflix watch-at-home films?  Share below!


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