My Monthly Manhattan Mini-Adventures

My Manhattan Mini-Adventures for the month of October are below, curating what I’m loving about NYC and life, currently.


One: My sweet Gillman turned 15 this month!  Every day with this little guy is one I’m so, so grateful for–truly the definition of (wo)man’s best friend!


Two: One of my favorite vloggers, Jennifer L. Scott from The Daily Connoisseur, came out with a new book this month that I gobbled up in two days.  Polish Your Poise talks about the lost art of poise, and how to cultivate it as a daily practice and life-long endeavor.  My favorite tip from her in this book is to get dressed even when you’re not leaving the house.  As a (super pregnant!) blogger who works from home, I’ve gotten into the awful habit of lounging in sweats all day if I don’t have any outside commitments, and have noticed how much better I feel both physically and mentally when I put on a presentable outfit and lipgloss…even if Gillman and I are the only ones seeing it!  Thanks, Jennifer!


Three: I discovered the international section at my local Morton Williams grocery store, and have been obsessed with these veggie beans with tomato sauce (in the England section, of course!)  A quick Google search later, I found you can also buy a case of them on Amazon…if you’re of the obsessive variety (like me;-)


Four: Spending a gorgeous day taking a tour of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens…the sky!  the blooms!  the leaves! and p.s. you can enjoy the grounds for free on Tuesdays or on Saturdays from 10 to noon.  also, Winter Weekdays (December-February) the garden is free throughout the week.


Five: Post-Botanical Gardens, my sister and I discovered Tom’s Restaurant fairly nearby–a diner that’s been around since 1936, and boasts the best chocolate milkshake and cherry limeade in all of Brooklyn!


Six: My 85 year old grandma came for a visit (isn’t she adorable?!)  We had the best time dining at her favorite restaurant, Tavern on the Green (where she clearly loved the espresso flavored creme brulee!), and then going for a slow stroll through Central Park.


Seven: While NYC may not get quite as into Halloween decorations as Christmas ones, I totally appreciated these giant spiders spied in the Upper East Side!


Eight: On Your Feet! is SUCH a fun musical–can not recommend it enough!  My mom and I were literally on our feet (along with the rest of the audience), singing and dancing by the closing number!


Nine: My friend Natalie started this fantastic tradition called “Fabulous Fridays”…where each Friday, you do something fabulous to treat yo’self!  It can range from tiny (give yourself permission to binge watch Law & Order or terrible reality TV!) to big (a massage! eat at a new restaurant! try on pretty dresses at Bergdorfs!).  The point is, do something for YOU that makes YOU terribly happy!  Our latest Fabulous Friday we celebrated together was tea at the Pembroke Room, which was quite fabulous, indeed!  They were also able to accommodate quite a range of dietary restrictions between the two of us: her tea was gluten and dairy free, and mine was vegetarian–not always easy to find at high teas in the city!

p.s. in case you missed them, my little adventures for july and august and september, too!

What’s been your favorite mini-adventure this month?  Share below!


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