New Yorker Moments: A NYC Baby Shower!


You know that Drake song Started from the Bottom (now we here)*?  That’s kinda been my mantra these past few weeks in relation to my NYC pregnancy…currently at 35 weeks guys!  Finally feeling in that zone of “ok, we made it past all the big milestones and tests and other fun stuff that comes with being pregnant…this is really happening, and soon!”

So it was such a joy to celebrate Little Baby P** at a baby shower hosted by my sweet mother-in-law! The theme was “A Baby Is Brewing!” and it was held at one of my favorite tea houses on the Upper East Side, Kings’ Carriage House, an intimate townhouse-turned-tea parlor with a British vibe.  We noshed on finger sandwiches and mini tarts and chocolate covered strawberries, and sipped bellinis and chamomile.


I loved the part of the afternoon where everyone went around and gave “Advice To The New Mom”…little nuggets of wisdom ranging from “never let the baby leave the house with wet hair…it will get a head cold!” to “if the baby won’t stop crying, just drop it off at your mother-in-law’s house and RUN!”  You guys are so smart;-)


{the aunties}


{guest book onsie}


{four generations…grams, mom, me, and baby p}


{a million thanks for making baby p feel already so loved!}



*totally going on my “Push Playlist” (man, these doctors and nurses are going to love me;-).  any other suggestions of inspirational songs to play during go time?!

**probably the thing I’m MOST excited for in regards to delivery is the moment when they say, “it’s a boy/girl!”, so we decided way before even getting pregnant that we weren’t going to find out the gender.  i’ve gotten lots of questions of “but how do you know what color to decorate the nursery and what kinds of clothes to buy?!”  for the nursery, we went with a super gender neutral white with splashes of mint green.  i’ve been told by other new moms that babies basically live in onsies the first few months, so we have lots of white and gray outfits…and depending on the gender, will either plop a cute hat or headband on!  luckily, the name for Baby P will go either way, so monogramming hasn’t been a problem;-)


  • Dana Carmel says:

    Wow…I’m so behind! I didn’t know that you’re pregnant. Congrats, Jess! So exciting. It looks like you had a beautiful shower. Looking forward to eventually reading some NYC family tips. Wishing you an easy peasy delivery (well, as easy as it can be!). 😉

  • Agness says:

    What a lovely event!! Beautiful ladies having fun!!!!!

  • It sounds like a wonderful baby shower and the venue definitely has a British vibe! Hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes well, Jess

  • love the advice – if the baby won’t stop crying, just drop it off at your mother-in-law’s house and RUN! I hope that does not happen to us when we become grandparents! Lovely baby shower :)

  • What a lovely baby shower, Jess! You and baby P are both showered with love, I can see that through the photos. Congrats!! I love the gender neutral nursery. I decorated my first nursery in primary colors (very bold). Turned out she was a girl when I was so sure it would be a boy! My instincts were wrong :) Hope you’re feeling great for the last few weeks!

    • Used York City says:

      Hehe I can’t wait to see how wrong/right my instincts are too, Lisa! My gut has been pulling Team Boy, but I’ll keep you posted on how accurate that is!;-)

  • Tamara says:

    aww!! I have to help throw two baby showers soon! For my sisters! Two boys, in their cases, although both thought they wouldn’t find out until delivery!
    The shower food sounds fun! I love finger sandwiches.
    My best piece of baby advice to you is that the baby needs to eat. Whether breastmilk or formula. haha! Isn’t that the best advice ever?

    • Used York City says:

      Aww two boys!! So exciting, and you will be the best aunt!:-) Thanks for the advice, lol, actually I hear the beginning is all about those basic life skills (eating, sleeping, pooping, bathing…) so it’s totally great advice!:-)

  • Sarah says:

    Yay! So fun; welcome to the world (almost) baby P!

  • Kemkem says:

    I totally love the fact that you went with the surprise of the baby’s sex!!!! Good for you, just like in the good old days :-) . You just want a healthy baby with a good set of lungs..hahaaa!!! What a sweet shower looks like, love the picture of the four generations. You are glowing!!!! Good luck with the birth, and feel free not to share about the pain. 😉

    • Used York City says:

      Hehe, don’t worry I will totally keep quiet about the pain–there’s already lots of mommy blogs out there that cover that in detail!;-)

  • How fun! I’m so excited for you! And I’m also adding that fab tea house to my next NYC itinerary!

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