24 Hours In Hawley, Pennsylvania


Living in NYC, it may come as a shock to you that I have a serious thing for small towns.  The barista at the (one) local coffee shop that knows your name and order by heart, gallery openings and book signings that the entire community comes out to support, and antique shops that still have antique prices…yep.  These are definitely some of my favorite things, and what’s better yet is they can all be found 2 hours away from New York in the town of Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Where To Stay

A bit of trivia for you New Yorkers: you know Bohlin Cywinski Jackson?  (Crickets, crickets.)  Okay, you know the guy who designed the awesome Apple store on 5th Avenue that looks like a glass cube?  (Ding, ding, ding!!!)  Well, that same guy designed Ledges Hotel, which is apparently THE place to stay in Hawley.  I could ramble on about the hospitality (phenomenal), the on-site restaurant (delicious), the natural beauty and serenity that overpowers you as you look out onto the picturesque waterfalls cascading into the river (unparalleled)…OR I could let the photos speak for themselves.

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unnamed-7Seriously guys, even if you go to Hawley and don’t even leave the hotel for 2 days straight, you’re in for a treat.  A serene one, at that.  The Settlers Inn is the Ledges more traditional sister hotel just a few minutes drive away, which is also gorgeous.  We went there for breakfast and ate about a million of their homemade fresh butter and mocha scones.  They taste even better than they look, if that’s possible!



What To Do

Shopping + Entertainment

Right next to the Ledges is an old mill that’s been converted into a lovely entertainment and shopping complex, the Hawley Silk Mill.  They have a gym and yoga studio (which, as a guest of the hotel, you can take full advantage of), the delicious Mill Market featuring locally sourced products, food, and craft beer, tons of local artwork presented in their gallery and co-opped artist boutiques, a spa, and even an intimate performance space which hosts music, theater, poetry, lectures, and workshops year round.  Check out their schedule of events here.

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Relax + Recharge

If relaxing with a book is more your speed, the Cocoon Coffee House is where you want to be.  (And yes, there’s free Wi-fi!)  Located right outside the Silk Mill, this quaint shop serves as coffee shop, lending library, and gallery space to local Hawley artists.  It’s perfect amounts of both cozy and cheerful, the kind of place we New Yorkers wish we had on every corner!

The art is for sale, and is really, really good.  We got swept away by a nature painting that is now hanging in our NYC bedroom!

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Any antique/thrift lovers?  Thrilled to say that Hawley is home to one of the best antique shops I’ve ever had the pleasure to walk into, the Hawley Antique Exchange.  (With the best prices, too!)  I could have spent days in this place…just look at all these goodies!

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There’s several other antique shops too, notably Timely Treasures and Miss Elly’s Antiques & Such.

Delicious Dining

The Glass Wine. Bar. Kitchen, located on site at the Ledges Hotel, is the place to be, any night of the week.  We went on a Friday to enjoy their live entertainment, which was only surpassed by the delicious small plates and spectacular service with a smile that you just can’t find in NYC.  I was also very impressed with their under $20 a bottle wine list, and of course, that stellar view of the frozen falls!




Getting There

If you have access to a car, it’s truly a lovely and very scenic drive.  There is also Short Line bus service, powered by Coach USA, that can get you door to door for a roundtrip ticket cost of $58.

No matter the season, no matter the reason, small town charm awaits in Hawley.  A mere 24 hours could be just the recharge you need…it certainly worked for me.


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen


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  • The hotel looks sooo cosy. Plus you had me at mocha scones.

  • Heather says:

    Ever since the TV show Ed, I’ve had romantic fantasies about small towns like this. I’m actually visiting the similarly quaint Doylestown, PA, this weekend!

  • Such amazing photos! The food looks killer The falls equally so. How cold was it?
    I was dying over the small stores– so much of what I love to do.

    • Used York City says:

      We went back in February, so it was still pretty cold and snowy (but it added to the prettiness!;-) And yes, plenty of indoor shopping to keep you busy and warm!

  • Nancie says:

    What a gorgeous town! I could spend a few days there without blinking an eye! I love those Raggedy Anne dolls. I have the feeling I’d be leaving with one. Those scones would also be passing my lips!! Thanks for linking up to Travel Photo Thursday.

    • Used York City says:

      The vintage store was filled with so many goodies, I could have spent days in there! And such good prices!

  • Made me hungry for French toast. Much better pictures. New camera?

    • Used York City says:

      Haha, thanks Kevin! Actually did just get a new camera (get excited for the photos to come!;-), but these are with the trusty iPhone, such a versatile little thing!

  • You sold me on the Ledges Hotel when you showed me a picture of one of my favorite chocolate bars (Chocolove). I think I could definitely enjoy time in Hawley relaxing at the hotel then munching my way through the Mill Market. Now you have me longing for both NYC AND weekend getaways to small towns. I’m just going to have to move there to have enough time.

  • Tonya says:

    I love visiting small towns and this one looks adorable! Love Ledges Hotel looks great and those scones had my mouth watering.

  • budget jan says:

    The Mocha Scones and the Eggs look fantastic. Love the Cocoon Coffee Shop look. My kind of place. And only 2 hours from NYC. Win. Win. :)

  • Andrea says:

    Looks like a perfect place to relax! Yummy treats too

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