$25 Massage In Manhattan? Yes, please!

Let’s talk guilty pleasures for a minute, shall we?  You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.


Mine?  Massages, hands down.

And yet…even in NYC, where there’s certainly no shortage of Chinatown-esque massage parlors offering a 60 minute massage for $45, by the time you add in a generous tip, it’s not exactly a luxury to be afforded on a super regular basis.  So when I heard about a place in the city that offers $25 massages, I was all “sign me up!!!”

Aroma TherapyThe New York College of Health Professionals has teaching clinics located at 244 East 32nd Street, which is the magical place where you can get a 50 minute Swedish or Asian massage for $25.  Granted, you will be rubbed down by student interns under the supervision of licensed therapists, but this was certainly no determent for me (literally, the teacher stepped into the room for probably 15 seconds to ask how I was feeling and how the therapist was doing…I was feeling fantastic and she was doing an amazing job).  And side note: since these students are technically getting class credit for being there, you are NOT allowed to tip them–trust me, I asked.  So it turns out being super affordable!  Also, no crazy waiting lists or lottery systems for this place, it was actually no problem at all calling on a Thursday evening and getting an appointment for Friday afternoon.

Along with massages, they also offer reduced price acupuncture treatments and herbal consultations to the public.  To make an appointment for, dare I say?, the best massage deal in Manhattan, call 212-213-8800.

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