5 Excellent Gifts For Little New Yorkers!

Photo Credit: http://www.travelchannel.com/

Photo Credit: http://www.travelchannel.com/

If you have a little New Yorker on your “good list” this season, chances are you’re in a bit of a pickle: you want to get them something meaningful for the holidays, but the thought of adding one more unnecessary thing to your already stuffed NYC apartment gives you the heebee geebees. (Please tell me this isn’t just me?!)

Below, I’ve put together a thoughtful list of gifts you can give NYC children which are sure to be kid AND parent approved. And believe me I practice what I preach here…Augusten’s grandparents know to think twice about getting him anything large and cumbersome (cough cough, a kid’s basketball hoop!), but all know the below are on the pre-approved list!;-)

1. Books!

Books, glorious books! While we tend to get most of our reads from our beloved New York Public Library, if there’s a book Augusten really loves (or seasonal reads which always have long wait lists at the library), I never hesitate to buy them for him or suggest them as gifts. I figure books are one thing kids can certainly never overdose on, right?;-)

Another great option for holiday book gifting is to attend local author readings and buy two autographed copies…one for your own child, and one for an upcoming birthday party/holiday gift of your child’s friend–or a future baby shower for a friend! Having the author’s signature and a story behind where you purchased it is always a sweet touch. Most recently, Augusten was thrilled to receive the book “The Berry Patch” by Elise Monsour Puckett, a darling tale about magical outdoor exploration. I especially love this, because in addition to the beautiful illustrations, living in NYC I think any book that encourages outdoor play is essential. We have an extra autographed copy from the author to give away…leave your favorite gift to give a child in the comments below for a chance to win!;-)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

2. A family membership to a local museum.

I love taking Augusten to museums, but let’s be honest–paying to get in for multiple people adds up fast! A family membership to a local museum is a fantastic gift–your city’s Children’s Museum is a great option, as well as History Museums and Art Museums. This provides a year’s worth of fun field trips, which is sure to bring the gift giver to mind every time one is taken.

3. Things that can be used up.

Some of Augusten’s favorite things are the items that are used up quickly. Think: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bath time paints, water color paints and paper, and stickers! I guess this could also fall into “art supplies”, now that I think about it;-) So yes, restocking a child’s art box with fun supplies is definitely a great idea!


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4. Clothes for the upcoming season.

Between growth spurts and being exceptionally rough on clothes (think: unremovable stains and rips!), a cute outfit for the upcoming season is something we always get use out of. Because even though Augusten is well stocked with fall and winter clothes, once spring/summer rolls around, all the clothes that fit him LAST spring/summer will no longer. So by being gifted cute clothes, it’s one thing less parents have to buy;-)

5. Tickets to an upcoming kid-friendly show or exhibit.

Taking Augusten to the theater has been one of my favorite memories so far! Seeing his face during the Gazillion Bubble Show was priceless. Tickets to these shows, however, are anything but priceless. So by gifting a few tickets to an age-appropriate show or exhibit, you are giving the family a beautiful memory to be cherished for years to come! 

Would love to know…what’s your favorite thing to gift children? Leave a comment below, and one responder will receive a copy of The Berry Patch children’s book, autographed by the author!

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