5 Fabulous Gifts For Any NYC Girl!

Is it too early to say happy holidays?! (Never!:-) In case you need a little inspiration for shopping this season, I’ve collected a list of my “best of” purchases for 2017 below, which would all make thoughtful gifts for someone you love or even as a way to #treatyoself!

For The Girl Who Loves Functional Jewelry: Ringly

I’ve mentioned before how I’m a zealot for counting my daily steps. In the past, I’ve used apps on my phone or an iWatch to do so, but the trouble with those is you either:

a. need to be carrying your phone with you at all times, or

b. be wearing a rather clunky looking iWatch, which is just not suitable for all occasions.

I had been on a mission to find a fashion-friendly way to wear a pedometer without leaning on the sporty side, and I stumbled upon Ringly. Ringly makes beautiful rings and bracelets that count your daily steps, along with alert you to incoming text messages (as you choose). So for example, while I don’t have alerts set for everyone, if Augusten is with a babysitter I will set my Ringly to blink green if she’s messaging or calling me…meaning I don’t have to keep my phone on the table during a dinner out. I’ve been using my Ringly for four months now and couldn’t be happier.


For The Girl Who Loves A NYC Love Story: Fake Plastic Love

Out of all the books I have read in 2017, Fake Plastic Love is hands down the best. It’s a post-collegiate coming of age story in NYC–intermixing fashionable and fierce jobs with love and friendship and heartache and compromise. It’s beautifully written and engaging, and an absolute joy to read. The fact that it’s set in NYC is just the icing on the cake.


For The Girl Who Loves Her Saturday Morning Yoga Classes: Knixwear

I cherish my time on the yoga mat. Something I’ve always struggled with, however, is finding the right kind of things to wear on the yoga mat. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Knixwear, an undergarment company (started by a woman!) which focuses on letting you have a bra that’s multi-purpose: taking it from yoga to the office to a date night! No more hauling multiple bras to and from yoga class. I’m personally a big fan of their Evolution Tank, which gives the support of a bra but the cozy comfort of a tank and is perfect for layering–essentially 3 in 1!


For The Girl Who Loves To Stay Warm: Blanket Scarf

New York weather has been crazy this fall, to say the least. One day I’m bundled up in my Canada Goose, and the next I have flats on with no socks and a trench coat. One thing that has been in almost daily play, however, is a giant blanket scarf, which is perfect for both weather extremes: the warm days I can JUST wear the scarf with a sweater and be absolutely fine, and on the super cold days it adds another great layer of warmth. The fun plaid patterns are perfect for fall and winter, too.


For The Girl Who Loves To Carry As Little As Possible: Back of the Phone Wallet

There are days when I’ll be going out for a walk and the last thing I want to do is carry a giant purse or backpack–but I definitely know I should have the bare essentials, such as a credit card and Metrocard. That’s why a back of the phone wallet was game changing this year. It’s seriously as simple as sticking it to your phone case, and voila! You have an instant wallet and phone in one. I carry my credit card, gym card, Metrocard, ID, and (sometimes) a few dollar bills in mine, and it all fits perfectly. This way, the only thing I need to grab when leaving my apartment is my phone and keys–easy!


Would love to know…what were some of your best purchases for 2017? Share below!


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