5 of the Most Commonly Used NYC Slangs

Photo Credit: www.jellyfields.com

Photo Credit: www.jellyfields.com

We’ve all heard slang words being banded about, but are they more popular now than ever?

Niche lists the top cities in New York that millennials love. They measured it according to their accessibility to coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. But behind these typical establishments on-screen characters from ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ love, fitting in the diverse crowd of NYC usually entails knowing, speaking, and understanding its jargons.

To put things in perspective, millennials go crazy for some slang words, thus Gala Bingo published a chat lingo bible that has obscure shortcuts such as NETUA (nobody tells us anything), RTSM (read the stupid manual), and SOHF (sense of humor failure) among others. For New Yorkers, and would-be New Yorkers, it’s imperative to know some of these real-life jargons so as to not get lost in the city’s sheer magnitude. Here are some of the most commonly used New York City slang words that might be of use in the near future.

Fuhgedaboudit (exclamation) – this is a played or sped up pronunciation of the phrase “forget about it.” Its uses contrast from the affirmative “absolutely!” to the negative “no way!”

Bodega (noun) – it’s a place where you buy almost anything from morning coffee to late-night cravings to even toiletries. We can safely say that a bodega is a café, a convenience store, and a department store rolled into one small room.

Schmear (noun) – commonly used inside a food establishment, this New York City exclusive word simply indicates a generous dollop of cream cheese. To use it in a sentence, “we’re having two bagels with schmear, you want some?”

Pie (noun) – NYC is commonly known as the Big Apple, but one of the most defining food groups – if not the most – for a typical New Yorker isn’t a fruit, but rather a pie. For some American cities, this signifies the traditional apple, pecan, or blueberry, however in New York, there’s only one pie that matters: pizza.

Hun (noun) – New Yorkers are normally busy, that’s why we don’t have time to complete an entire word or phrase (see: fuhgedaboudit). So this noun is just wordplay for ‘hundred’, as in “the hun’sixteenth street, please, and make it quick.”

In this time of LOLs, ROFLs, and TTYLs, we have made language, or communicating in general, more accessible – and to a certain degree more apt for the common millennial. Almost gone are the days when we have to type long-winded words and phrases just to convey a message. Today, we typically resort to shortcuts or abbreviations, slangs if you may, to be part of the in-crowd and fit in basically. Different cities have distinct vernaculars that give them a specific charm unlike any other.

The BBC has an article that talks about how London is slowly taking over New York as the “Greatest City in the World.” A lot of people claim the British capital’s halcyon days are ahead of it, especially with a dynamic culture bustling with architectural and creative marvels – not to mention opportunities for the younger generation. However, we think that the Big Apple still makes a strong case for being the best place for millennials, or the crowd who gradually – somewhat subconsciously – shapes the world’s future, thanks to an informal yet distinctive language.

We’d love to know…what is your favorite NYC slang?  Share below!


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