5 Places To Bring Out Your Inner-French Girl In NYC


^^Parisian selfie!^^

It’s no secret I have a crush on all things Parisian.  From the fashion to the food to visiting the City of Light itself, Paris is a place that just oozes beauty.  While frequent trips over the pond for a visit may not be on the agenda (hello, budget), there’s certainly no shortage of Parisian to be found right here in NYC.  I’ve sought out some Parisian-inspired restaurants and bars over the years of living here, but was thrilled when Doni Belau’s book Paris Cocktails: An Elegant Collection Of Over 100 Recipes Inspired By The City Of Light was released, in which, along with sharing her favorite French cocktails, she also shares her favorite French stomping grounds right here in the Big Apple.

Here’s the 5 French places you should experience in NYC:

Maison Premiere

Located in Brooklyn, this horseshoe-shaped bar and little restaurant boasts a working absinthe fountain and 30 kinds of oysters–2 French staples!  If you’re up for juggling a crowd, join them for $1 oyster Happy Hour, starting at 4pm.



Crispy frog legs, anyone?  This downtown staple is perfect for grabbing cocktails at the bar, then indulging in a nice, slow, classic French dinner, accompanied by loads of wine, of course.


Experimental Cocktail Club

This Lower East Side gem is a place to enjoy creative and complex cocktail concoctions, while taking in the vintage-chic vibe it oozes.


The Top of the Standard

With a swanky 1940’s vibe and a killer view of the NYC skyline, this is a place every New Yorker (French fan or not!) should experience at least once.  It’s really one of my favorite places in the city to go all dressed up and feel drenched in glamour.

CHARLOTTE RONSON Hosts the Celebration of ABSOLUT TUNE at TOP of the Standard

Your Apartment!

One of the highlights of Belau’s book is that she gives different French-inspired entertaining tips throughout–depending on season and theme.  Since the holidays are fast approaching, I love love love her idea of a Joyeuse Noel Fete, which can be held in your very own tiny NYC apartment!  The concept goes like so:

-Start the party later (say 8:30pm) because dessert is the concept

-Set your Spotify/Pandora to a Christmas themed playlist, of course accompanied by French holiday classics

-Serve a signature French holiday cocktail

-Do a French holiday dessert exchange, similar to a cookie exchange.  As the host, you will provide boxes or vintage tins for guests to collect an assortment of desserts to take home and enjoy throughout the season!


Thank you for these fabulous suggestions, Doni!  To learn more about Doni and her fantastic French life, visit her blog Girls’ Guide To Paris.  And be sure to order your copy of Paris Cocktails in time for the holidays…she’ll be in NYC hosting a mixology class on December 2nd!

Do you have a favorite French inspired place you frequent?  Share below!


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