5 Reasons Cuba Should Be On Your Bucket List For 2016


Cuba, a large Caribbean island nation, is perhaps best known for its communism, colonial architecture, and (let’s be honest), cigars.  But there’s a whole other side to Cuba, featuring white-sand beaches, rolling mountains, salsa music, and plenty of rum.  Cuba is a travel gem, waiting to be discovered!

Here’s a few of the reasons we think this country should definitely make your travel bucket list for 2016:

So You Can Swim Below A Waterfall

If jumping off rocks cascading over a waterfall pool has long been on your bucket list (and come on, who hasn’t had this particular travel fantasy?!), then El Nicho Waterfalls are not to be missed!  After you’re done with your cool dip, be sure to check out the area’s nature trails, caves, local bird watching opps, and enjoy a meal at one of the area’s ranchon-style restaurants.


…And Swim With Dolphins

If you were a fan of Flipper as a kid, Cuba will definitely make your dolphin dreams come true.  The Dolphinarium at Cayo Naranjo is a popular spot which allows visitors to engage in dolphin shows and then throw on a life jacket and go for a swim with their new friends!  Bonus: if you’re a sea lion lover, they have those sweet guys here, too!


Because You’ve Always Wanted To Go Snorkeling In A Freshwater Cave

Saturno Cave is a freshwater subterranean cave with a pool billed as a snorkeling and swimming spot. The water’s about 20°C and the maximum depth is 22m.  The magical experience is guaranteed to be a favorite travel memory!


…And Take A Romantic Walk Along A Most Exquisite Beach

The Varadero Beach is famous for its beauty–warm water, collectable seashells, white soft sand, and aqua water.  Go ahead and check “long walk on the beach” off your 2016 bucket list, folks!


Can We Talk About How Cool A Stroll Around Old Havana Is?!

From the salsa bands playing in the plazas to the rum, cigars, and local dishes in the restaurants to the classic cars dotting the streets to the historical and cultural sites, Havana is a city to experience in 2016 and remember for a lifetime.


There’s so much more that this gorgeous country offers its visitors, and with the recent allowance of sea travel to Cuba for US citizens, 2016 is the perfect year to swoop in and and start experiencing it…before it gets too many tourists!;-)

Would love to know…what’s on your 2016 travel bucket list?  Share below!


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