5 Tips For Planning Your Perfect NYC Staycation

Over Labor Day weekend this year, we decided to stay put in the city, opting for a NYC staycation instead!  We chose to stay at The Library Hotel, an adorable boutique property in Midtown we’ve noticed for years every time we walk by…which, as you can imagine, wins all the points when it comes to having a cute bookish theme run all the way from the room names to the names of the cocktails.

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For an itinerary, we kept things pretty low key…

building in time for dinner and a brunch at two restaurants we’ve never been to before,

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a neighborhood walk,


and lots of time to kick back and relax with ALL. THOSE. BOOKS!


Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when planning your NYC staycation, ensuring it goes as seamlessly as possible.

1. Set A Budget

Staycations are great in that they allow you to save big in the travel department…no plane, train, bus, or car rentals/tickets to worry about, saving you money right off the bat.  That being said, sit down as you would when planning any vacation and determine what it is you are comfortable spending during your stay…making sure to factor in hotel, dining out, and any activities.

2. Pack Super Light, If At All

One of the biggest stressors of an actual vacation is the packing, unpacking, and laundry that goes along with it!  To keep that stress as low as possible, consider packing just a weekender with a change of clothes and your makeup bag…or get REALLY crazy (like us!), and don’t pack anything!  Seriously, we left home with our toothbrushes and toothpaste tucked into my purse…and in retrospect could have even left those at home since the hotel offers them for free.

3. Plan An Itinerary, With Built In Time To Relax

Like a vacation, you want to use this time to explore facets of your city that are unknown, and feel like a real treat.  I mean, my goodness, you live in NYC…the center of the universe where tourists come EVERY DAY and spend massive amounts of money for what we have at our own fingertips!  You can finally get around to that exhibit you’d been meaning to see, try a new restaurant, go for a leisurely bike ride…whatever floats your boat!  In planning though, do be sure to build in a solid chunk of time to do, well, nothing (another luxury New Yorkers don’t get too often!)  The hotel we stayed at was wonderful for this.  Every day from 5 to 8 they had a free wine and cheese reception for hotel guests to enjoy, and also had a lovely rooftop terrace, which we loved lounging on immensely.

4. Refuse To Run Errands During Your Staycation

While it’s easy to still feel obligated to get things done when you’re close to home, flat out refuse!  You wouldn’t go shopping for lightbulbs and toilet paper on a real vacation, so don’t do it during a staycation, either.

5. Limit Technology Use As Much As Possible

One of my favorite things about traveling with my husband is that our technology usage goes WAY down.  If outside the US, we only jump on our phones when we have wi-fi access (which is obviously much less frequent than here in NYC!), giving us much more facetime together.  We really tried to institute this during our staycation as well, and unless it was an urgent work call/email, kept the phones tucked away.  A technology detox, even for a short period of time, does wonders!

Would love to know…what are your tips for having a successful staycation?  Share below!


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