5 Ways To Find Your Inner Leprechaun In NYC


Good beer, Irish whisky, pubs, and lots of green. Yes. We all follow these traditions but what is St. Patrick’s Day really about? The first thing we can all do to find out inner leprechaun here in NYC is to educate ourselves!

The History

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration of Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick was actually not an Irish native. He was born in Roman Britain and brought to Ireland as a slave when he was 16-years-old. He later escaped but returned to make his mark on history. The legend goes that Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and explained the Holy Trinity using the three leaves of the Irish clover, the Shamrock. The celebration has been going strong since the day of Patrick’s death on March 17th, 461.

The Feast

On St. Patrick’s Day all lent prohibitions are lifted including meat and alcohol consumption. The traditional meal of celebration is corned beef and cabbage. The Landmark Tavern on 11th Ave at West 46th Street is known for their traditional Irish style including this traditional dish. On Monday nights, they bring the Irish tunes to you live from 8pm to 11pm.

The Beer

If we don’t know anything else about St. Patrick’s Day, we all know that the beer is immensely important. Mustang Harry’s is known as one of the best sports bars in the city but there is so much more to offer with their motto “good food and good spirits”. The Irish owned and employed bar is filled with think Irish accents and Irish Whiskeys and beers.  They feature a daily happy hour from 5pm to 9pm.

The Music

Traditional Irish music is a great portion of the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar on 2nd Ave is the place to be for all traditional Irish music. Each day has a specific theme at Paddy’s and each day has one thing in common: it’s live! Steven Duggan has been dedicated to bringing authentic Irish music to NYC since 1986; even the knotted flooring was transported from an Irish hotel! Paddy’s is a comforting environment for all musicians of all levels. This is the perfect place to find some Irish culture through music and a couple of beers, and they offer a daily happy hour from 11am to 7pm.

The Celebration

The Saint Patrick’s Day parade has been marching down 5th Ave on Saint Patrick’s Day for over 250 years! Run entirely by volunteers, the parade has become a non-profit organization for all New Yorkers to enjoy.  The parade will begin on March 17th at 11am on 44th street and will continue on to 79th street.  If you cant make it, the parade will be streaming live on the website and on NBC channel 4.  There’s honestly no better way to celebrate!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate St. Patty’s Day?  Share below!

p.s. in case you missed it, here’s how to take your free tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral!

By: Denise Pina


  • Tamara says:

    The Landmark Tavern is my dream!
    I used to go to very rousing St. Patrick’s Day celebrations but never NYC. At least, I don’t think. I remember one rowdy one in Morristown, NJ!

    • Used York City says:

      Haha nice! It gets QUITE crazy around the parade in Midtown on St. Patty’s Day–truth be told I try to avoid it at all cost!;-)

  • Nancie says:

    Koreans don’t really know much about St. Patricks Day, so unless I go to the foreigners section of Seoul I don’t really get to
    celebrate. However, I always wear green!

  • Scarlett says:

    Haha LOVE this. I’ve always wanted to spend Paddy’s in new york!! Xx

  • The foodie in me is def excited by the Irish feast. Looks very delish

  • Heather says:

    Aw, I miss seeing the Empire State Building turn green! That was always my favorite part of the holiday :-)

    • Used York City says:

      Haha, don’t feel bad, I live just a few blocks from it and totallllyyyy missed it last night, too! Bad New Yorker:-)

  • Marcia says:

    Thanks for the background to St. Patrick’s Day, Jess. Hopefully it won’t snow here in NYC tomorrow.
    Will be great to see people spilling out from all the bars and having fun. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Used York City says:

      I know, it got SO cold again today! I think we were spoiled by that one 60 degree day;-) Happy St. Patty’s, Marcia!

  • Catherine says:

    So glad you got your facts right about the shamrock! Really bugs me when people celebrate St Patrick’s Day brandishing a four leaf clover – completely different thing and doesn’t even make any sense when you know the whole story!

  • Hi Jesse, great St. Paddy’s post! Can’t believe it’s that time I think we have the best celebration here in NYC! I haven’t been to Paddy Reilly in a while; I look forward to listen to music and some beer this Monday. Happy St. Paddy’s. Enjoy!

  • Mike says:

    Ya know, I hadn’t heard about the actual history behind St Patrick’s Day in forever! Good refresher, Jess. That corned beef looks absolutely mouthwatering. Funny thing is I have never had green beer. My usual plans for 17th….stay away from the folks getting crazy ha, ha :)

    • Used York City says:

      Haha, I was actually just wondering myself if green beer is as easy as dropping food coloring into it?! Maybe I’ll give it a try;-)

  • It’s tough when St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday. When I was younger I used to just go to an Irish bar in mid-afternoon and take it from there, but it’s hard to take off in the middle of the day now. Now I’m pretty much limited to things like eating green cookies. Plus, this year I stupidly made a doctor’s appointment for Monday evening at 8 pm. Sigh. But I do what I can. :) NYC is definitely one of the best places to celebrate St. Patty’s . . .

    • Used York City says:

      Agree, weekday St. Patty’s celebrations are just not the same as a Saturday. But cheers for green cookies!

  • I’m always curious as to how this day is celebrated in NYC. I love all the parades, green beer and other traditions. For one day I’m Irish

    • Used York City says:

      The city gets pretty rowdy around the parade route, and all the Irish pubs along the way!

  • Leigh says:

    It’s my nieces birthday on St. Patrick’s Day so often it’s been a family celebration. I think she was unbelievably lucky to be born on such a day.

    I always wear green on the 17th.

  • Johanna says:

    Love it! What some brilliant reminders. It’s a fab day to celebrate, and i’ve always known it to be full of jokes, fun, laughter and smiling Irish eyes!

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