5 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained In Your NYC Apartment


It’s getting to that time of year where the winter will soon be behind us and the spring is just around the corner. However, with at least another few weeks to go until the clocks go a’changing for Daylight Savings Time, and those inevitable first few months of dull dreariness, it’s best to have some contingency plans. Besides, let’s face it – we’re all still a little broke from Christmas, and so nights in at your own apartment can seem like bliss!  Here’s 5 ways we like to stay entertained in our apartment.

Have Company Over

It’s probably the most super-obvious solution in the world, but if you can’t go to your friends, bring your friends to you! Whether you’re cooking for a dinner party or making *ahem* new friends on Tinder, sometimes time spent indoors is better with other people to keep you company. Crack out the board games, the karaoke machine, the pizza – whatever it is that suits you most – and start having some fun without the huge price tag!

Catch Up On The Latest TV

Whether it’s Netflix or Cable, TV is culturally beneficial to our lives… honest! There’s so much great stuff to stick your teeth into, and obviously, the Internet makes it that much easier to literally never miss a trick. Beware – binge watching is real, and we just can’t help ourselves! Perhaps the most anticipated series of the moment is Game Of Thrones. Everyone’s dying to know if those Jon Snow rumors are true. Can he reaaaaally be dead? There’s something for everyone and the new season is right around the corner… brace yourselves!


Speaking of Game Of Thrones, if you’re a bit of a superfan, you can even do more and go BEYOND! For example, did you know that there are even Game Of Thrones themed slots these days? Yep, just head to 32Red slots to see for yourself and double your fun. Online casinos are pretty exciting in themselves! There are loads of different games you can play across a range of themes and thrill levels, for example, Zynga has Sex And The City slots, if that’s more your thing. Of course for some of us, gaming extends to about as much effort as downloading the latest gaming app. Uh, Candy Crush is still cool, right? Oh whatever, there’s always your Xbox set in the corner – there’s nothing wrong with a SIMs fest.

Adopt A Pet

Okay, this one’s going to take some serious negotiating with the landlord, but a pet is the ULTIMATE way to say happy at home. If you want to be super lazy, a house cat may be the best choice for you. Adopting is a really nice option; it means that all those kitties who have been abandoned will find a loving home.

Get REALLY Good At Something

Remember that cookbook you bought like 5 years ago that you’ve never opened? Or the guitar that’s sat at the end of your bed since you moved in… months ago? Yep, it’s time to actually learn those skills. It doesn’t just have to be cooking or music, it can be anything. No matter what it is, it’ll give you new skills and it’ll be fun as well.

So, whether you’re lazing around watching TV, playing 32Red slot games or stuffing your face with food, your apartment doesn’t have to be so dull after all!

Would love to know…what’s your favorite way to spend time in your apartment?  Share below!


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