5 Ways To Use Your (NY) City

Photo Credit: http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/

Photo Credit: http://www.destinationweddingmag.com/

Here’s 5 ways to use your (NY) city, this week!


The Tribeca Film Festival is in full swing!  I’m looking forward to checking out a film this weekend, but even if you don’t live in NYC, you can enjoy the festival via a $30 Tribeca TV Pass!


My husband and I did a staycation a while back at NYC’s Library Hotel (such a cute property, btw).  I recently sat down with them to share my #TipsForTravelers, which can be used whether you’re staycationing in NYC, visiting NYC, or traveling somewhere completely different!


I love a good natural cleaner that actually works.  One of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer L. Scott of Madame Chic fame posted a video where she shared her lavender + vinegar natural cleaning spray.  I’ve been using it for my NYC apartment spring cleaning and it both smells amazing and cuts through the grime.  Plus it’s totally safe around both babies and pets;-)


Was anyone else a little bit devastated that the final episode of Girls recently aired?!  While, yes, all four of them could be super annoying and self involved at times (okay, most of the time), I always looked forward to watching their millennial adventures play out in Brooklyn.  Much like watching reruns of Sex and The City today, I can totally see myself catching a rerun of Girls 10 years from now and remembering exactly where I was in my NYC life at the time.  The best kind of TV programming, for sure.


When we were in Bermuda for Easter weekend, we consumed a LOT of Rum Swizzles, i.e. the National Drink of Bermuda.  I love how refreshing and fruity the drink is, without having an overpowering taste of alcohol (the main reason I struggle with drinking cocktails!)  I went home and researched the perfect Rum Swizzle recipe, and this one nailed it.

How have you used your city this week?  Share below!



About This Column:  Each week, I have a laundry list of things that inspires me in/about NYC.  While it would be impossible to dedicate a full blog post to each and every one of them, I decided to start a column on Mondays called “5 Ways To Use Your (NY) City”, where I give the top five things I’m currently loving a shoutout.

While the “do” mention is decidedly NYC specific, the rest of the things mentioned are accessible to you, no matter what city (or suburb, or rural paradise) you live in, hence why the (NY) is in parenthesis.