5 Ways To Use Your (NY) City

Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/zamazon

Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/zamazon

Each week, I have a laundry list of things that inspires me in/about NYC.  While it would be impossible to dedicate a full blog post to each and every one of them, I decided to start a new column on Mondays called “5 Ways To Use Your (NY) City”, where I give the top five things I’m currently loving a shoutout.

While the “do” mention is decidedly NYC specific, the rest of the things mentioned are accessible to you, no matter what city (or suburb, or rural paradise) you live in, hence why the (NY) is in parenthesis.

Here’s 5 ways to use your (NY) city, this week!


Ever wonder what would happen if “Inside Amy Schumer” & “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” had a child and hired Tim Minchin as the manny?  (Of course you have!;-)  And you can watch it happen live in NYC this weekend, with the all-women musical comedy and sketch troupe, Broad Comedy.  Nothing is sacred to them, except an unflinching and hilarious look at our culture.  The show will perform at the Soho Playhouse, April 20th-22nd at 8pm.  Get your tickets here, and say hello if you see me there!


I just finished the book The Age Of Reinvention over Easter weekend, and honestly, couldn’t put it down.  The book moves between NYC and Paris (the first city I’m in a long standing romance with and the latter I’d have a love affair with any day!), and tackles the subjects of fidelity, religion, identity, and success, as you follow the life of a famous New York Muslim-but-pretending-to-be-Jewish lawyer whose charmed and glamorous life is a sham.  It’s a perfect beach or subway read–absolutely addictive.


While it may not be possible to dine at the top NYC restaurants on any kind of regular basis (hi, Eleven Madison Park!), The New York Times has made it (thankfully) possible to reproduce one of their signature dishes at home: their granola.


We’re reading Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned for our book club this month, so of course I was tickled pink to watch the Amazon series about him and his wife Zelda, Z: The Beginning of Everything.  While the series starts in her home state of Mississippi, it quickly moves to NYC during the roaring 20’s.  The costumes are divine!


I went to Chinatown recently and discovered “Buddha Bowls”, essentially a bowl of rice packed with a protein and whatever in-season veggies are available on top.  Think of it as a whole grain + a bean + a green.  I love how much protein is packed into these veggie bowls, how easy it is to prep a week’s worth on a Sunday, and what an affordable dinner they make.  This list gives some amazing flavor combinations I’m looking forward to testing in my own kitchen.

How have you used your city this week?  Share below!




  • Regarding Age Reinvention Novel, this novel is magnificently written. The depth of the story is so intricately done that the writing captures the reader from page one. The story begins with a poor immigrant with hope , who dares to reinvent himself using his former friends identity on another continent. He wants revenge and manages to achieve great heights doing so. The story weaves brilliantly from the deeply flawed characters early beginnings to his present day life built on a lie. This is a great adventure at the core of the mind of this character. Excellent writing, fascinating story and intricate characters throughout this novel. Well done .

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