6 Great Coffee Shops On The Upper East Side

If there were ever a NYC beverage that symbolized the city, it’s safe to say that coffee would be it. While this delightful beverage can be picked up from every corner bodega or street cart for right around $1 (definitely the more economical option), today we’re going to take you to some cute international coffee houses located on the Upper East Side. You may be paying a premium for the roasted beans, but you’ll get it back in ambiance and authenticity.

Hutch & Waldo

In addition to an excellent Flat White (they are an Aussie coffee house, after all), Hutch & Waldo also does several “healthy” options for drinks, such as turmeric and beet lattes prepped with almond milk and cinnamon, and freshly squeezed juices like their pineapple & mint. If you’re looking for something a bit heartier, order a Blue Smoothie Bowl or their Avo Smash.

While most of the places on this list are small, this one takes the cake for being small and crowded. They have a lovely setup of inside/outside seating, but it definitely fills up quickly.

Cafe Bleriot XI

Cafe Bleriot XI is an intimate Bulgarian coffee shop that is family owned, and the wife is the absolute sweetest (I’ve never been in when the rest of the family is working, but I’m sure they’re just as lovely;-) She’ll brew you up your drink of choice (I was a big fan of the hot cocoa with whipped cream during the colder months), while asking you how your day is going with genuine interest. It truly feels like a place where everyone could know your name:-)

For food, give the warm savory cheese pie a try here. It’s homemade and absolutely delicious. Seating is limited (only two tables) but I’ve never gone in and not been able to get a seat.

The Budapest Cafe

While The Budapest Cafe doesn’t win spots for being super cute, it will most definitely win over your tummy when you see the selection of traditional Hungarian pastries and treats overflowing in their window. The cheese danish is just to die for…after I tried it the first time, I literally went back after yoga class like, three times in a row, to get another. Dangerous:-) And they’ll whip you up your preferred coffee beverage, a nice accompaniment to whichever treat you decide on. Unlike the other spots on this list, this cafe is table service only, so just know that you’ll be adding on a tip.

Honorable Mentions: If you’re looking for a solid cup of joe with a lot of space to spread out (maybe set up your laptop for an hour or so), Irving Farm is a great spot. And at 1,700 square feet it definitely has the most room of anywhere else on this list. Bonjour Crepes & Wine is a really sweet spot too, that will whip you up a coffee or shake with a side of (you guessed it) perfectly put together crepes, either sweet or savory. And finally, Birch Coffee has two locations on the UES and, while the locations are tiny, they sure do brew a mean cuppa joe.

p.s. in case you missed it, here’s where to get your nyc coffee subscriptions, no matter where you life.

Where’s your favorite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee on the Upper East Side? Share below!