6 Unique Coffee Experiences In NYC!

Photo Credit: Photo: André Krüger

Photo Credit: Photo: André Krüger

Did you guys know September 29th is National Coffee Day?!  Considering New Yorkers practically pump the stuff through our veins on the regular, we thought it only appropriate to have a coffee themed week on the site!

First up…6 unique coffee experiences you can find right here in NYC!

1. Read this article on NYC’s most Instagrammable coffee shops…and then do a coffee tour!

When Architectural Digest wrote an article about the prettiest coffee shops in the Big Apple, we certainly took a listen!  These shops are not only adorable, but also sell a mean cuppa Joe, and many will make pretty latte art if you ask nicely.

2. Go to Cosmic Coffee and try gelatinous coffee.

I found these guys at a food fair in Long Island City, and when they asked if I wanted to see “the next big thing in coffee” of course I was like “yes, please!”  So they pour in the coffee, and on top the cream, do a little mix, and the coffee turns solid…kinda like coffee jello!  I don’t think it will ever replace the original liquid brew we all know and love so much, but it sure does make for a fun Instagram moment, and is pretty tasty!

3. Go to Kahve and order the Turkish coffee.

Married to a Bosnian, we drink this stuff daily.  But if you’re not used to the whole traditional setup of the tiny cups and the strong, strong brew, definitely treat yourself to an afternoon cup out!  It’s the kind of experience you savor, not chug, so bring a friend and stay awhile!

4. Take a Coffee Tour of NYC!

I mean, I guess it should come as no surprise that NYC has coffee tours (what does NYC not have?!)  Along with getting mighttyyyyy caffeinated along the way, you will also get barista demos on how to make the PERFECT cup, learn fun bits of history and trivia about coffee in NYC, and of course see lots of NYC sites along the way.

5. Mark your calendar for NYC’s very own coffee festival.

Our writer Joanne went this year (her full review will be up Wednesday!), and the verdict is that if you’re an industry type, or just reallllllyyyy reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyy into coffee (you know who you are), this festival absolutely must be on your radar.  While the 2016 festival has already happened, make sure to sign up on their site for updates on when next year’s festival will be taking place.

6. Go have a cup of coffee at the spots New Yorkers love the most.

A while back, we asked New Yorkers in all the boroughs where their go-to spot was to get the perfect cup of coffee.  We LOVED the responses, and have had so much fun checking out those spots ourselves!  If you’re at a loss of where to go, we suggest you take it from the experts, i.e. the locals.

And make sure to check this (constantly updated) list of where to find free coffee on National Coffee Day!

Would love to know, what’s your go-to coffee shop–near or far?  Share below!


  • lynne says:

    hey Jess….I’m from North Dakota and I will be in the city Nov 30th. I am going to meet a local near the Chrysler Bldg and would love to be able to suggest a cool place for coffee near there. Any tips for me? Help me be the cool friend that knows all the cool places 🙂

    • Used York City says:

      Hi Lynne! Thanks for reaching out! I would definitely suggest Taylor Street Baristas–great coffee and food, but also lots of room to sit:-) There is also Fika and Pennylane Coffee, both excellent but on the smaller side.

  • Dave Shaw says:

    This is perfect! I found a similar article targeting Boston coffee shops only, and was wondering if there’s on the wider city and BOOM, here it is! Thanks 🙂

  • My hubby is a coffee fan so I’ll definitely show him this – I’m more of a tea drinker though I expect some of these places are good for that too
    Suze – Luxury Columnist recently posted..Top 10 Things to Do in Jersey, Channel IslandsMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      I think if I lived in London I would be more of a tea drinker, too…I mean, with all those fabulous afternoon tea spots, and all!:-)

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