7 NYC Activities To Enjoy With Your Infant


When my dear friend Joanne retired, I distinctly remember her telling me how she fills her NYC calendar with things to do as to not get into a retirement rut.  Well, Joanne, I have to say–you have inspired me to do the same with my journey into motherhood!

From the second I announced we were expecting, I’ve heard how becoming a parent drastically changes your life…and while this has certainly rang true on some points (i.e. I don’t think I’ve survived off so little sleep since my college days, and making plans with friends now requires a lot more advanced scheduling), I was determined to keep our weeks filled with little adventures to share the city I’ve come to love so much with my little man.  Call it my #MothersPromise to my sweet sir.  

So, following Joanne’s lead, I created a list of baby-friendly activities to do around the city, that are sure to help me share my passions with Augusten, while simultaneously allowing him to soak in this great metropolis he lives in…(along with special time with mommy;-)

Here’s 7 things I can’t wait to try, little one in tow!

1. Cry Baby Matinees

Going to the movies has long been one of my favorite things to do.  In fact, working at a movie theater was my very first real job in high school!  So imagine my excitement when I read that in certain theaters around the city you can actually bring your baby as your date, for a special “Cry Baby Matinee!”  The theater quiets the sound system a bit, raises the lights, and is filled with other new parents, making it totally ok if baby starts tearing up.

2. Brunch With Baby

I’ve always been one of those people who shudders at the sound of crying babies at restaurants and on planes, so I would obviously hate to expose others to this.  But, upon chatting with other Manhattan mamas, there seems to be a few tricks for brunching with baby.  1. go during the weekday, and go early, early 2. check out a list of “baby friendly” spots and pick one of those 3. coordinate the meal with your little one’s nap time, and 4. order quickly, and when the food arrives, ask for the check.  That way, if you need to make a quick exit, it’s no biggie!

3. Mommy-and-Me Yoga

I treasure my time at yoga class, and while I won’t pretend that taking baby along will prove to be a fantastic workout (well, except hauling a stroller up and down stairs, maybe?!), there’s something really adorable about watching a tiny downward dog that has me all kinds of ready to sign up!  Classes start as young as 4 weeks, and also incorporate infant massage techniques, which are supposed to be pretty amazing for calming your little one!

4. Story Time Around NYC

Passing on my love of reading is something I hope to instill early on, so making frequent trips to the NYPL and bookstores around the city is high on my list.  There’s practically a story time going on every single day, so I’m definitely excited to check them out.

5. Museum Stroller Tours

Offered at many of the big museums (I, for one, am really excited to check out the Whitney Tour!), these are great in that: 1. you can do them in even the crappiest of weather, 2. mommy learns something new, 3. you’re exposing your little to art (even if they have no idea what’s going on, that’s a-ok!), and 4. you’re with other parents with strollers, so crying is totally not frowned on.

6. Exposing My Baby To Broadway

As a former theater teacher and huge patron of the arts, I really can’t wait to enroll the little one in a Broadway Babies class.  Starting at 4 months, each week babies are introduced to a new Broadway show where both they and their caregivers can sing (babble?) along.  And of course, crazy costumes and props are part of the fun!

7. Music + Movement Classes

Due to Augusten’s activity in the womb whenever music was playing, I was convinced early on that our little one is going to be a big music lover.  Pretty excited to expose him to music/movement classes from an early age–covering sounds ranging from classical to country to pop to jazz!

And while we’re strolling around the city, I can walk assured that Augusten is staying super comfortable and dry in his Pampers Premium Care Diapers, available at Walmart and Walmart.com.  We’ve tried a few different brands since he was born, none of which can hold a candle to Pampers.  Providing hypoallergenic 5 Star skin care, a wetness indicator, unique absorb away liner, extra breathability inside & out, and extra absorb channels, these guys are by far the highest quality diapers we’ve found, keeping little man (and mommy) happy for hours at a time.  Good thing too, cause trying to find a clean public restroom in NYC suitable for changing a baby is a whole different can of worms!;-)

Would love to know…what were some of your favorite activities while your little one was still really tiny?

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  • Agness says:

    Bruch with baby seems like a perfect idea. Any good places to recommend :)?

    • Used York City says:

      Oh boy, I will have to do a whole blog post just on that topic, Agness;-) Two quick favorites off the top of my head are Landmarc (but the earlier the better–I opt for the 9am seating!) or A.Cafe anytime of day–it’s shockingly quiet and not crowded for a Midtown spot, the food is good and affordable, and the lighting is actually really dim so it’s perfect for nap time! This is Augusten and I’s date spot;-)

  • I really wanted to go to mom and me yoga when my kiddoes where small, but I never managed it.

  • They should have Cry Baby matinees in London, that’s a genius idea! The Broadway babies classes sound fun too

  • Yet more proof that NY is the greatest city in the world. I love that there are so many activities out there for new moms and babies!

  • Tamara says:

    We did a few Cry Baby Matinees when Scarlet was a baby. The funny thing was that they advertised it wrong once in the newspaper and we went to a non cry baby matinee. People there were so pissed and couldn’t figure out why babies were there.
    The theater had to give a lot of free passes after that!

  • Joanne says:

    Joanne here. Indeed, it was my good friend, Jess, who told me to keep active, and occupy my mind :) Seriously, NYC is an embarrassment of riches, an endless carousel of events, walks, sights and sounds for all shapes and sizes. Gotta live it. Finally it’s my time to enjoy the city I love and live in, but never had time for ….and it is so much fun!

    • Used York City says:

      Hi Joanne! So, so true! So much to take advantage of in NYC, and as we constantly say here on the blog, so much of it you can find at great prices or even free! xoxo!

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