7 Places To Watch Free Stand-Up Comedy In NYC

One of my New Year’s Resolutions (ahem, intentions) this year is to laugh more…and what better way than with a NYC comedy show?! My husband and I have been centering our date nights around stand-up shows, and were both delighted with how many free show options there are in the city. Not only free, but really really funny, too! We’ve tested out the first two venues below, and look forward to making it to the others soon.

“So how do I get these free tickets”, you ask? Good question. Their websites don’t always talk about the free comedy shows (because obviously they’re promoting their paid events) but head on over to Eventbrite, where you will find FREE tickets that will be delivered straight to your inbox. You can search the spots below, or just do a generic “free comedy NYC” search and see what pops up.

And before you ask, NO, it’s not only free to the midnight shows on a Tuesday night! In fact, both of the shows we’ve seen so far have been Friday nights at 7:30/8pm, which is kind of prime time, right? Just arrive a little early to secure seats that are not in the front row (unless getting heckled is your thing, then go for it!;-) However, remember there’s the standard “2 drink minimum”, so don’t leave your wallet at home.

Where To Catch A Free Comedy Show In NYC

OPPA, West Village

Double Tree Hilton, Times Square

Broadway Comedy Club, Midtown

Black Cat LES, Lower East Side

The Gaf West, Midtown

Comic Strip Live, Upper East Side

New York Comedy Club, Stuy Town Area

Happy laughing, and hope to see you at one of the shows!



p.s. looking for more free and cheap date ideas in NYC? check out my guidebook Treat Yo’self in the City, available on Amazon or wherever you get your books!