8 Fabulous Ways To Redecorate Your Dining Area

Whether you’re having a family meal or a dinner party with friends – the dining area is the first thing that comes to your mind. It is a meeting point for family and friends to chat and enjoy a good meal together. Given its importance, dining room décor is easily ignored and people go for conventional options. Redecorating your dining room can be a fun filled idea. It is a place where you can unleash your creativity and experiment. Between the possibilities of rugs, chairs, lighting, and decor, there are a lot of things you can try to create a dining space that is perfect for you and your NYC apartment. Try these fabulous ways to redecorate your dining area.

  1. Dining room color – The color you choose defines your dining room. Choose colors that enhance the mood and make a statement. Use colors that complement adjacent areas and the non-replacing elements in your room. Harmony is important! Colors help you establish the mood. Choose deep shades like chocolate or cinnamon to give a warm and cozy feel. You can also try calm colors like sky blue or beige that encourage conversation and appetite. Contrast color combinations like pink and orange also look great. You can also choose colors based on a theme. Cherry red, golden yellow and orange shades can establish a French theme. Select a mood that you would like to establish and choose colors according to that.
  2. Accent wall – Adding an accent wall gives a fresh look to your dining room instantly. Paint and innovative wallpaper are all that you need to create a center of attention without major changes (and if you’re renting, removable wallpaper is a fantastic option). Choose a wall to accent, preferably the first wall you see once you enter the room. A plain wall without doors or windows would be ideal. Experiment with bold prints and patterns. Add a few metallic elements to make a glamour statement. Decorative wall tiles and decorative wall panels are also great choices. You can also create a wall gallery with your favorite artwork and photos. Your imagination is the limit. Just make sure to have a contrast accent wall.
  3. Lighting – The easiest way to make a statement is to choose a great light fixture for your dining room. Choose a piece that helps you enhance the style you would like to establish. You can go for a simple chandelier or pendant or layered lighting depending on the size of the dining room. Recessed lighting, accent fixtures are great choices. Light dimmers can also be added. It all depends on the ambiance and the mood you want to set. With the right lighting, you can transform your dining area to another level.
  4. Furniture – Furniture is a centerpiece for a dining room. Try to break the traditional rule and go for a trendy and rustic piece of furniture. Choose a bold rustic table and pair it with chairs that complement. Your dining chairs need not match. Mix and match them, just make sure they complement each other. Bored with your chairs? Slipcovers are there for your rescue. A trendy slipcover can change the look of your upholstered chairs. An ornate table with a rustic bench works great. Add a few cushions or pillows for comfort and you have a great centerpiece.
  5. Colorful Drapes – Do you want to add color to your dining room? Repainting is not an option? Do not worry.  Drapes can help you add as much color as you want for your space. Bold print and patterns can add a pop of color. Be generous with drapes. Use an additional set to create a layered look.  Floral curtains with bright colors that pool on the floor add a wonderful touch to your dining room. Silk and velvet drapes give a rich and elegant look whereas light cotton drapes create a more casual feel. Choose a fabric that works for you.
  6. Wall art – The walls of your dining room need not be plain and boring. The dining room is the best place to showcase your art collection. You can keep art and photos of different size and frames together and create a wall gallery. Add all your favorite items there. The spacing is crucial, so plan the whole look before you start hanging them. Love collecting plates and China? Arrange them beautifully to decorate your wall. Dining rooms have large walls waiting to filled, utilize it.
  7. Accessories – Choosing accessories is very important to elevate the look of your dining room. There are various options to choose from such as 3d fabric wall art, vases, artificial plant and other decorative objects. Decorate with plants and fruits. Bright colored fresh fruits in a bowl can be a great centerpiece. Candles work as wonderful décor element that creates a cozy and warm feel. Experiment with table linens, trays, table runners and create a space that you love and feel welcoming. Add a metallic touch. Place a few seasonal plants and flowers to add a touch of greenery.
  8. Rugs – Rugs help you create a welcoming feel and enhance the ambiance of your dining room. Go for a natural dark shade rug to create a cozy and homely feel. Bright colored rugs add an element of freshness to your room. Addition of a light rug to a dark small dining room instantly opens up the place.  There are a lot of colors, patterns and designs to choose from.

You can create a well-designed dining room irrespective of size and budget. Repainting and replacing furniture is not necessary to decorate your dining room. Adding a few decorative elements like potted succulents, drapes, centerpiece and wall art can make a huge difference. The dining room is a reflection of who you are. So feel free to add elements that showcase your personality. Add some life into your space with a few potted plants. Have fun redecorating your dining room and watch your room transform into a place you love.    

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