A NY Minute In Donna’s Apartment


We are so excited to welcome Donna Dugan to the blog today to share her lovely NYC home with us!

What neighborhood do you live in? 

Astoria, the 30th Ave stop on the N/Q.

How long have you lived in this apartment, and who do you share your home with? 

I’ve lived here for 10 years, and reside with my wife Crystal and our two very demanding and high maintenance cats, Rafferty and Stanley.



What kind of “home decor” or style defines your space?

Mid-century with a splash of seventies.

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What is your favorite feature of the apartment itself? 

The high ceilings, great morning light, and there is a tree outside our window that I love.

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 What pieces are your favorite pieces in your apartment and where did you get them?  

The coffee table is my favorite piece. Soon after we started dating I was redecorating the apartment and showed Crystal a picture of my dream coffee table, she then told me how she owned that very coffee table which I coveted. She had found it in a vintage store in Portland, Maine, a few years ago.  I would have married her without the coffee table, but it was a great bonus.


The lamps are pretty fabulous too. Most come from thrift stores or flea markets in Maine but it’s the shades that are really remarkable. There are a lot of mid-century lamps out there still but the original shades are way harder to find.


I love our Howard Johnson color schemed kitsch-filled kitchen. The teal and orange were one of my crazier color choices but it works and it is a nice compliment to the Tiki lights and bust of Elvis.

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What’s your number one tip for NYC living?

If you are looking for vintage items avoid the antique or trendy home decor stores. Instead, rent a car, drive into the middle of nowhere and hit garage and estate sales. You’ll find a better selection and pay a fraction of the price.




Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Donna!

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