A NY Minute In Tracy’s Apartment

Photo Credit: Gary Moran

Photo Credit: Gary Moran

We are so excited to welcome Tracy Kaler to the blog today to share her lovely NYC home with us!
What neighborhood do you live in?

The Upper West Side.

How long have you lived in this apartment, and who do you share your home with?

I’ve lived here for 5 years with my husband, Mike, my chocolate lab Bogey, and my cat, Mimi-kitty.

What kind of “home decor” or style defines your space?

I think our apartment is definitely eclectic.  We’ve picked things up along the way during our travels and even in flea markets.  I’d like to think that we live in an elegant yet comfy space.  Our apartment is decorated but lived in.

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What’s your favorite feature of the apartment itself? 

I really like the layout.  It’s a large one bedroom with a bonus room that we created off the living room.  Our bedroom is far enough to feel separate and removed from the main living space, which includes the living, dining area and kitchen.  The extra room is tiny with a twin bed, closet, and a dresser, but it’s the perfect guest room for one person.


What is your favorite piece in your apartment, and where did you get it?

We use an old English pub table as our dining table.  It’s a trestle table with leaves built into it.  We bought it years ago at the Inman Park Festival, back when we still lived in Atlanta.  We owned several tables when we decided to move to NYC in 2007, but this is the only one that made the cut.   This pub table is perfect for New York living because it expands and contracts, making it ideal for smaller spaces.


What’s your number one tip for NYC living?

Edit!  Get rid of anything you don’t really need.  Live simpler and you’ll be happier for it.

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Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Tracy!  You can find more of Tracy on her blogInstagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


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