A NY Minute With Poet Rachelle Bijou

You guys know we love celebrating NYC creatives on Used York City…from web series producers to musicians to folks with real great decorating style…so today, we are thrilled to welcome our very first NYC poet to the site, Rachelle Bijou!  Rachelle’s poem, “Morning on Fire Island”, really inspires me to jump on the first ferry for a weekend of salt water and solitude.  What about you?


Morning on Fire Island

Finally—those guests have left
             my sister ’s down
                                        at the beach
and I’m fumbling with this oversized umbrella
                   stuck to the remnants of this picnic table
                                                            on this deck
in the back of this house
                         which doesn’t even belong to us

            sun ’s intense
                        though not scorching

stillness fills the air
             despite the blundering of this one lone bee
                            in the pot of pink impatiens
on the floor

an orange butterfly flies toward a wall of ivy

in the yard straight ahead
                            asters hollyhocks sunflowers
daisies larkspurs lilies poppies
              and a host of other growing things
I can’t identify

a woman in black
            suddenly appears
                         on a neighboring deck
while a deer steals up the path, stops        hooks me in the eye

For more of Rachelle’s poetry, check out her book, The Office Minstrel: Poems, New York and Paris, available on Amazon. Thank you so much for joining us today, Rachelle, and reminding us what summer is all about!

||Poem reprinted with permission, Feature Photo Credit: 1||


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