A NY Minute With Writer Elena Murzello

It’s so fun connecting with social media folks in real life, right?  This fall the darling Elena Murzello and I connected via Instagram, and I was thrilled to receive the sweetest package in the mail, including her book The Love List tied up in pink ribbon.  Aren’t people who appreciate the art of snail mail the best!?

It was great to be able to spend a few minutes asking her questions about her book, its message, and things in life that put a smile on her face.  Without any further adieu…Elena!

What was your inspiration behind writing The Love List?

The Love List is based on a list I wrote of characteristics/qualities I was looking for in a potential mate in my early twenties. After the breakup with a boyfriend, I was prompted to reflect on the whole ‘List’ idea. I reached out to single, coupled and divorced people and found out what happened to their love list.

I found it interesting (and totally legit!)how your lists changed from what you were looking for in a significant other in your 20’s to your 30’s. What was the biggest shift for you in terms of refining your list? 

The biggest shift for me was the amount of emphasis I was putting on physical appearance and material possessions. In my early list, I had “must own dark denim jeans” and “must have straight teeth”. Yet, looks may change and material possessions may come and go and so my list was refined acknowledging these factors.

This is the book I wish I had when I was single and dating–and I’m sure many single NYC ladies would benefit from it! What is the one key piece of advice you’d give to someone who has been in the dating game for a long period of time and is feeling frustrated?

If you are feeling frustrated being in the dating game for a bit, take a break. Work on yourself and surround yourself with friends/family who care for you. Enjoy spending time with yourself – how do you expect others to enjoy your company if you can’t enjoy your own?

I love that you’re a fan of lists (so am I!) Besides dating (ha!) what are the top 5 items on your list of things that make you really happy?

There are SO many things – but for starters: travel (nothing like heading on a great adventure), shoe shopping (can be life changing), sharing a great conversation with friends (this can be over a meal, or coffee), chocolate (I have a sweet tooth) and exercise (I’ve built it into my lifestyle). An honorable mention goes to my duvet (nothing more comforting than a down filled blanket on a rainy day).

What are you working on next?

There are a few collaborations on the go and will definitely be revealed in time. I can’t wait to share what’s next.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Elena!  We’re super excited to follow what’s next!


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