A Peek Inside NYC’s First Cat Cafe!

Who’s been watching the newest season of Girls?  I loved that scene of Shosh working at a cat cafe in Tokyo…you’re sitting there thinking, “Aww, now if that’s not the cutest culture I’ve ever seen!”, right?  Well, get excited NYC, cause all that cuteness is here in NYC, at our very first cat cafe, Meow Parlour!  

Ok, at first I was a little skeptical of said cafe, thinking, “Why is it a good idea for people to pay to go play with cats when they can go volunteer at one of the city’s many shelters and play with the cats there?!”  But then I got schooled, and I completely take those sentiments back.  You see, Meow Parlour has partnered with KittyKind, a nonprofit, no-kill, adoption group, so all of the cats in residence at the cafe are actually up for adoption.  So if you bond with one over a latte, great!  You can submit an application for adoption!

I wasn’t in the market for adopting a furry friend during my visit, but I can see how if you’re a cat person this could be a really relaxing environment to spend an hour.  You are required to take your shoes off, so I’d recommend wearing socks for your visit (unless bare feet + cat hair is your jam;-)  The cafe portion of the cat cafe isn’t extensive, but then again, I doubt many people go to Meow Parlour for the amazing mochas, ya know?  It’s all about the felines, my friends.

Details: To visit Meow Parlour, make a reservation online.  You can stay for as little as 30 minutes ($5), just to get a taste, or as long as 5 hours, to take advantage of the free wifi with cats under toe.  Yoga & Kitties classes are also offered several times a month, which seems like a pretty adorable way to get your workout on to me!


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