A Rainy Day Stroll Through The Conservatory Garden

unnamed-29I really dig the idea of anything in NYC being labeled “Quiet Zone.”  I mean, you can probably count the zones on one hand–libraries, churches, a late-night subway ride above 125th street–so I was quite pleased to see that Central Park has its own little 6 acre quiet zone too, The Conservatory Garden!

On Easter weekend the hubs and I took a rainy day stroll up the east side of Central Park until we reached the entrance to the garden at 105th street and 5th avenue.  It was exceptionally quiet that day, because along with the quiet zone rule, we were also the only people in the garden!  A whole Italian, French, and English garden combo, set right here in NYC, all to ourselves!

As you can see, we probably didn’t pick the best time to make the trek–after the long winter virtually nothing was in bloom, and April showers were in full force.  I’d imagine a bit later in the season it will be stunning though, and the perfect place to escape with a spring read.  Oh, and unexpected bonus: the public restrooms are shockingly clean!;-)

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Where do you go when you need a little quiet time?  Share below!

p.s. a few other green spaces in NYC we love!


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