A Simple Tip For Your Holiday Packing!


Are you guys doing any traveling for the holiday season?  If so, I discovered a simple little product that will make packing (and unpacking!) the breeziest it’s ever been, promise.  Let me introduce you to Pro Packing Cubes.

Why do I love these cubes?  Oh, let me count the ways!  

First off, packing and unpacking for my family always seemed to be a game of Tetras…how do we possibly fit everything we need in two weekender duffles (p.s. did I mention we’re light packers? the above photo shows everything we packed for 3 people for our 2 week stint in Europe this summer;-) while still being able to zip them up?  Well, it just became a lot simpler with these handy little guys, as everyone is allotted their own cube, plus one for toiletries, and they slide easily in and out of your luggage without jumbling everything up, also a huge perk if security goes through your stuff at the airport.

Second reason: it makes keeping everyone’s stuff together SO much easier.  Rather than having to dig through my bag to find a onesie, I go straight to A’s packing cube and grab what I need.  Easy breezy lemon squeezy.

Third: sorting clean from dirty clothes has never been easier.  You just throw in a few extra cubes, and when something is dirty, stick it in an extra cube designated for the laundry.  When you get home, unzip the cube and throw the clothes straight into the wash.

And finally: these cubes are SO lightweight and compact that I can easily keep them inside my weekender bag at the bottom of my closet when we’re not traveling, which takes up literally zero extra room.  An added bonus for New Yorkers with limited closet space!

Oh, and bonus reason: this is a family run business, and you guys know how much I love and continually try to support the mom and pop stores that are doing great things.

Here’s hoping this little tip makes your holiday packing (and unpacking!) a little easier!

Would love to know…do you have any packing tips you swear by?  Share below!

p.s. in case you missed it, our tips for packing like a New Yorker!


  • Cool idea. Do you pack them all in one large suitcase to check in at the airport? or use it as a carry on? I love the idea of having one to collect the dirty clothes so when you get home it’s all together and ready to go in the washing machine.

    travel tip with babies, pack extra onesies for the plane. Even when the kids are toddlers always have a change of clothes for plane rides just in case.
    lisa thomson-The Great Escape… recently posted..Life Really Is Like A Box of ChocolatesMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Hi Lisa! I pack them all in one large suitcase, it’s amazing how much more stuff you can fit when everything is contained within the little cubes!

      And LOVE that tip regarding the onesies–I unfortunately found that out at a restaurant the hard way:-(((( Haha life lesson!

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