A Visit To Apple Pond Farm!

As much as my husband and I consider ourselves die hard New Yorkers, we sure do know the value of getting out of the city, even for an afternoon, to recharge our batteries. Nature does a soul good! On our recent weekend in the Catskills, we took a sporadic trip to Apple Pond Farm! They offer specific tours to fit the interests of your group (you can learn all about their renewable energy practices, learn cheese making, or try your hand at wool spinning and dyeing!), but since we were traveling with two toddlers, we opted for the kiddo version;-)

Augusten got to pet donkeys, feed chickens, milk goats (okay, that one he totally wasn’t into at all, but it was cute they gave him the option!), collect eggs, and his very favorite–chase the farm dog around to try to snuggle it! Dogs and birds (specifically pigeons) are his very favorite things right now…that Apple Pond Farm pooch got lots of love from little A!


The tour lasted about an hour, and there was plenty of opportunities to just hang and be one with nature. It’s a true working farm, so if you can’t tell from the pics, it’s not the sort of place that strictly caters to tourists–you get a real country experience! Tours are $8 a person and are available year round. They also offer the option to stay at their guest house to be completely immersed in farm life, if that’s your jam (details on the website!) For us, an hour was plenty long, before heading into nearby Callicoon in search of some ice cream;-)

If you’re in the area for the weekend, make sure to check out a few of my favorite places in the Catskills!


Have you taken any fun nature-inspired trips this summer? Share below!