A Visit To Bryant Park Winter Village!

Do you have any favorite traditions around this time of year? One that has been going strong for basically all of the years I’ve lived in the city (13 and counting!) is to visit the Bryant Park Winter Village before the holidays. Some years this has been for picking up gifts, others it’s been for the snacks. This year my family came into town from Virginia to visit early on in the season, so we got there on a Saturday morning, early enough where we missed most of the crowds. The sun was shining, temperature practically perfect, and it was an all around ideal way to kick off the holiday season!

Since there was no lines, we took advantage of the free ice skating rink and went for a spin around the pond. I say free, but do note that skate rentals will set you back $20 if you don’t have your own pair.

After, we strolled around and shared lots of yummy snacks from the vendors. My favorites this year were the warm pretzels and cheese dip from Sigmund’s and the cookie do(ugh) from Do (although to be perfectly honest on the latter, I was mostly excited that, unlike their downtown location, there was no line so I finally got to try this novel concept of good-for-you cookie dough.)

We happened to notice it was free juggling afternoon at the park, too, so Augusten jumped right on in and we killed the better part of an hour tossing balls and pins and sticks around. What a blast:-) New York, you sure do make my heart extra happy this time of year.



p.s. check out our guidebook for even more inspiration on how to treat yo’self in the city this season!