Meet Our Team

Jessica Tiare Bowen (Editor-In-Chief and Columnist)

A former Air Force Brat, Jess has lived in ten continental states and traveled to fourteen countries…all of which pale in comparison to her beloved Big Apple.  Coming to New York eight years ago with nothing more than a suitcase and a dream, she now claims the proud title “New Yorker”, sans the accent.  Her first published children’s book, “Park Avenue Pound Puppy“, is based off her love of NYC and her adorable chihuahua.  You can reach her at





Dustin Heath Pressley (Photographer)

Hailing from below the Mason Dixon Line, Dusty brings that southern charm to the great borough of Brooklyn.  Medical photographer by day, New York photographer by night, Dusty is living proof that a picture can be worth a thousand words.  A traveler at heart, Dusty utilizes the power of Priceline to book exotic weekend getaways on a budget.  Moscow for Memorial Day, anyone?





Joanne Theodorou (Columnist)

Having worked as a music teacher for the New York City Department of Education the last two decades, this Upper East Sider knows better than anyone that if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere!  Truly one of New York’s greatest patrons of the arts, Joanne can lead you in a New York minute to the best music, theater, and dance this side of Broadway.





Sora Vernikoff (Columnist)

Former educator turned No Diet Coach, this Gramercy Park girl can teach anyone in an hour how to eat what they want, stop when they want, and become forever thin and healthy, all without dieting!  Aside from coaching, Sora continues to be an inspiration to New Yorkers through her charity and volunteer work.  Follow Sora and her positive aura on Twitter and Facebook.





Adam Gross (Contributor)

Former concierge, current financier and forever foodie, Adam enjoys nothing more than eating his way through his worldly travels and uncovering the hidden gems of our city’s vast epicurean mosaic. Born in Montreal and fluent in five languages, he’s also lived in North Carolina and Beijing, China, both of which he finds nearly equally exotic and neither of which can compare to the greatness that is NYC.




Adrienne Mansard (Contributor)

As a traveler and voluntary gypsy from a young age, Adrienne has lived in Paris, Lyon, London, and San Francisco, yet somehow manages to always end up back in New York City for the long haul. As the definitive girl with champagne tastes on a beer budget, she prides herself on finding the best of food, cocktails, spa treatments, and general city highlights without breaking the bank. Super star office administrator by day, she dreams of one day getting paid for the sole purpose of eating and traveling, but for now she’ll just have to multi-task.  You can follow her writings and cooking adventures on her blog and Twitter.



Orlando Manuel (Contributor)

A native New Yorker, Orlando hails from the great borough of Brooklyn. This former Army Paratrooper has been many places since leaving the “home boro”, as he calls it, but he always returns. He now finds himself an inhabitant of Queens. A Real Estate professional by day, writer by night, and avid contributer to the Twittersphere at all times; there are few that love NYC as he does. You can follow him on Twitter and via his blog. His hobbies include running obstacle races and sitting in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. Spartan Race Beast, anyone?




Denise Pina (Contributor)

Denise is a proud New Yorker.  Born and raised in the Bronx, she’s always had dreams of living in the heart of NYC.  Currently a Writing student at SUNY Plattsburgh, she’s using her passion for writing to learn more about the best city in the world.  Living on a student’s budget, she makes living in NYC look affordable and easy.





Jean-Luc Marin (Contributor)

Someone wise once said: “A book with empty pages is like a world waiting for a God”.  That someone was Jean-Luc Marin.  Born and raised in NYC, Jean-Luc appreciates all the Big Apple has to offer, from the awesome events, great food, to the musical soundtrack that ties it all together.  An aspiring author, he is currently working on what may just be the next great American novel.





Mijon Zulu (Contributor)

A former UN Brat, Mijon has been in and out of New York City since he was in the womb.  After years spent living in Lesotho, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe as well as France and New England for school, Mijon is happy to finally be a full-time Eastside boy, but hopes to eventually move out to Brooklyn.  An independent spirit, Mijon loves going on long walks that lead to adventures in this epic city.





Jenny Rubin (Contributor)

Jenny is a native New Yorker, writer, and Stand Up Comedian.  She performs around the city, telling funny and tragic tales of her life.  Jenny also has a deep love for animals and satisfies this through her day job at an animal hospital.  She is hoping to hit it rich sometime soon, possibly by finding a giant bag of money on the New York City streets.





Jenny Bowen (Social Media Specialist)

Jenny is the poster child for med school student meets social media guru!  Although she may appear to be diligently taking detailed notes in her anatomy class, she’s most likely tweeting about where to find the best open bar later.  (Only kidding!)





Lauren Welch (Photographer/Contributor)

Lauren loves nothing more than traveling to far away places and taking photos of people jumping in front of famous (or not so famous) landmarks.  So far her in her collection she has shots of spirited jumps at the Acropolis in Athens, the Abbey in Bath, and at about a million temples and shrines in Japan!  She’s confident that one day this collection will morph into only the most awesome coffee-table book of all time.








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