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Hi guys!  Welcome to the fourth installment of “Ask Jess”, in which I publicly answer questions that I’ve received through the site!

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State Cuts Funds To New York's "I Love New York" Tourism Office

Q: Hi Jess –

I am visiting New York (from the UK). It’s my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to get him a New York ‘something’ as a gift.  Is there anything you could recommend as that sort of gift. A cookery course, walking tour… something a bit special? Thanks, Lizzie

A:  I would definitely recommend checking out the website, they list basically every class/experience available in NYC at the best price. So depending on your boyfriend’s interest (cooking, trapezing, making craft cocktails), you can find something cool that way.  A tour I’ve done that I think is worth every penny is Accomplice. It’s kind of a theatrical experience as you move throughout the city, so much fun, with some crazy characters! Plus you get to see a lot of stuff–it remains one of my favorite things to do in NYC, and my husband had an amazing time, too! Here’s my experience:


Q: Hi Jess! Do you work with photographers you’d recommend for taking shots of NY properties in SoHo, NoHo, The Bowery, UES, etc., even lifestyle shots? I’m seeing so much great photography on Instagram by New Yorkers, but curious which ones are willing to work with clients and are well versed in photographing for hi-res printing, not just social media. Thanks! Love this blog! -Sam

A: Hi Sam!

Erin Lewis is a wonderful photographer, you can check out her website at Also, I used Generic Brand Human for my wedding reception–they do fantastic (and candid, which I love) photos for a great price and super quick turn around!

Best of luck, and thanks so much for your kind words about the blog!


QWhat is your favorite NYC neighborhood and why? -Romio Interview (full interview found here)

A: Even though it lacks the charm of so many of the downtown/uptown neighborhoods, I’d say Midtown Manhattan.  I’ve lived in Midtown for six years now, and absolutely love it.  It’s central enough that I can walk just about everywhere (but also has basically every subway line if you need to get somewhere fast, and there’s certainly no shortage of cabs!)  I feel like it’s so iconically NYC…in one afternoon you can catch a Broadway show, grab a dollar slice, ponder the meaning of paintings at the MOMA, and meander up to Central Park to listen to free jazz from the comfort of your own park bench.  Wouldn’t trade it for any hood’ in the world!



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  • Peggy says:

    Jess, Love that your favorite area of New York is Midtown! I am coming in September to stay the entire month in an apartment on West 56th for my 60th birthday!! What are your recommendations for me to try while there? I’ll be having family & friends come & go all month but I’d love your ideas to keep myself busy being a New Yorker!

    • Used York City says:

      Amazing, happy early birthday, Peggy!! West 56th is a fabulous area–some easy and walkable things you should definitely check out while you’re here are the MOMA (the art, yes, but also pick a pretty day and go sit in the garden–it’s FREE–and treat yourself to a drink from the outdoor cafe!), have afternoon tea at either The Plaza Hotel or Baccarat Hotel (such an unforgettable experience!), rent a Citibike and head over to the West Side highway for a scenic ride down the island of Manhattan, Museum of Art and Design (it’s free Thursday nights and there’s a restaurant on the top floor with gorgeous views of Central Park), get a blowout at DryBar on 56th Street (comes with a free glass of champagne!), go to Medi for lunch or dinner for delicious food (there’s a backyard garden, too!), take several strolls in Central Park, check out the new and beautiful library on 53rd Street between 5th and 6th, get a lavendar latte from Bibble and Sip, stock up on cheap fruits and veggies at Stile’s Market (assuming you want to do a bit of cooking while you’re here;-), and go to Gotham West Market when you’re feeling hungry–they have a huge selection of prepared foods to choose from, along with the BEST ice cream in all of NYC–Ample Hills Creamery, ooey gooey cake batter ice cream!

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any specific requests!:-)

  • Thanks for the photographer recommendations, Jess and have a great weekend!
    Suze – Luxury Columnist recently posted..A Blooming Lovely Chelsea Flower Show 2016My Profile

  • Tamara says:

    Best column ever! Remember when I asked you about vegetarian/vegan gift card options? That went over well!
    Tamara recently posted..Creating My Favorite Barbecue Spread.My Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Oh yes!! How did they enjoy the dinner?! I actually went to an amazing restaurant last night called Dovetail that does a Meatless Monday tasting menu on (you guessed it) Mondays! It was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in a while, I’ll definitely be sharing on the blog!;-)

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