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As a resident expert of NYC NYC blogger, I receive a lot of questions on the site from tourists either planning their trip to the city, or locals looking to make the most out of their weekend.  I spend a fair amount of time answering these inquiries via email or social media sites, and thought, “if one person has a pondering, chances are someone else probably has the same question, so why not share via a Q&A on the site?!

Here’s the first installment!  I hope you enjoy, and if you have a question feel free to send me a Tweet, comment below, or post the question to UYC’s Facebook wall.


Q: Hi Jess. Any suggestions on best rooftop bars/locations for photo opportunities of the Manhattan skyline that the average person has access?

A: Hi! So for the best Manhattan skyline I would point you in the direction of the outer boroughs so that you can capture the most of Manhattan! In Queens you can check out the Penthouse 808 at the Ravel Hotel (pictured above), in Brooklyn the Ides at the Wythe Hotel. However, a few of my favorite rooftops in Manhattan (that still offer amazing views, obviously!) are The Rooftop at The Standard High Line, 230 Fifth, the Empire Hotel, and one we forget about all too often, the rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which offers incredible views AND art! Enjoy!:-)


Q: Best frozen yogurt spot in the city?

A: I’ll refrain from letting myself answer “Pinkberry!” (although I do have a soft spot for them!), and point you in the direction of Culture in Brooklyn. The yogurt is fresh and the toppings creative: strawberry-basalmic strike your fancy?


Q: Hi Jess, I am looking for the best travel guide to NYC. I want a book that will show me places and spots known by real new yorkers not like those touristic guides found everywhere; the mythical places, the famous places… What would you advise me to get? Thank you so much.

A: Hi there! I would recommend that you pick up a copy of what us locals refer to as our “NYC bible”…Time Out New York magazine. They list all the most current exhibitions, restaurants, and stores that are worth checking out, and also do longer features such as neighborhood profiles in the outer boroughs, with all kinds of ideas of places to check out that are “under the radar”, so to speak.

Another great (physical) book you should check out is “Off the Beaten (Subway) Track: New York City’s Best Unusual Attractions”, which will guide you to some quirky spots and gives excellent directions on how to get there!:-)




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