Attend A Free Performance Of “Pete The Cat” The Musical This Summer!

I’m DELIGHTED to say that little Augusten has just attended his very first musical at the age of 19 months!;-) While I was initially quite nervous about the prospect of taking him (these unpredictable toddlers, I tell ya!), he totally made me proud by not only sitting quietly during the entire 50 minute performance, but also following along with every word, song, and musical beat. At the end of the show he was clapping right along with the other audience members and evening doing the sign language sign for “more”…showing he, indeed, wanted the show to go on!

What can I say? This theater loving mama couldn’t be prouder!

Now, before I get too ahead of myself, let me clarify that this was a musical intended for kids…I didn’t drag him into a Broadway production quite yet;-) And I think it helped tremendously that the musical, Pete The Cat, is based off a children’s book series that he knows and loves, as we read them every night before bed. (You may remember I talked about his love for good ol’ Pete before!) Even if you don’t have kiddos, but are a fan of either upbeat musicals or the book series, I can promise you’ll love this performance! My feet were bopping the entire time:-)

The show was produced by Theatreworks USA, and held at The Lucille Lortel Theatre, a beautiful venue located downtown on Christopher Street. Theatreworks USA provides New York City youth with a special theatrical experience that not only entertains but also educates and fosters positive values and an appreciation for theatre. They are in their 29th year of offering free theatre, and this summer alone they are distributing 15,000 FREE tickets to Pete the Cat!

While many of the tickets go to school groups, you can grab free individual tickets the day of the performance from the box office, beginning an hour before the show. Or, if you would like to help support Theatrework’s mission, you can make a $50 donation and receive a VIP ticket without waiting in line or chancing that it’s sold out. 

The show is running through August 18th, 2017, so you have plenty of time to experience Pete and his friends for yourself! Here’s to bringing great theater to this city, and starting the love of the arts for the next generation early! Augusten sure thinks it’s a fabulous idea!;-)


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