Babymoon On Bourbon Street!!!

In case you missed the Instagram announcement…we’re thrilled to be welcoming a little New Yorker into our hearts and home in December!  Ekkk!


We decided early on that as soon as we got successfully through the first trimester, we’d go on a little getaway to celebrate…a babymoon!  Criteria for our babymoon were:

1. a place neither Mr. P or myself had previously been

2. a place we could easily conquer during a long weekend

3. a place known for its food! (because, pregnant)

The perfect place was pretty clear: New Orleans!  We booked our tickets and were off!  It was important to us to be able to mostly walk everywhere we wanted to go (with the occasional cab ride), so we chose a hotel that was smack in the middle of all the places we wanted to see and eat, right on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter!  Here’s some of our favorite jaunts and haunts from our trip:

What To Eat

Obviously, eating was a huge focus of our short trip.  My husband’s favorite past time is eating, and since I’m practicing sobriety for 9 months and can’t enjoy my guilty pleasures of cheese and wine, I’ve been jumping on the foodie wagon much more, too!

We stopped at a NOLA classic, Elizabeth’s.  This was a bit out of the way (you’ll need to cab it from the French Quarter), but I liked that the place was definitely packed with locals and the fried green tomatoes were out of this world!

L1020112 L1020114L1020116

Cane & Table was most like places we frequent back in NYC–a rustic, industrial vibe, complete with a backyard garden strung with twinkle lights.  Pretty, pretty!  The bartenders are clearly craft cocktail geniuses, and my craft mocktail was nothing to sneeze at!  In fact, I’ll be repeating this beauty at home on the regular!  The cornmeal spoon bread was our favorite dish.

L1020151 L1020157

You just can’t go to New Orleans without stopping into the famous Cafe Du Monde for beignets and cafe au laits, right?!  Although we had eaten lunch like, 10 minutes previous, we scarfed down 6 of these puppies like it was nothing!  Remember to bring dollar bills to this place, it’s cash only.  And if you want to escape the heat, there’s a lovely inside area with the AC cranking!

L1020143 L1020137

I spotted this snow cone truck as we were wandering through the French Market, and since I haven’t had a snow cone since the days of my Snoopy Snow Cone maker two decades ago, just had to stop.  The pina colada with condensed milk drizzled on top was simply sensational during our 85 degree walk!

L1020122 L1020125 L1020127

My husband is still raving about the burger at Stanley as “the best he’s ever had!”  I had a NOLA classic, Banana Foster French Toast, and it wasn’t too shabby, either!

L1020177 L1020178 L1020179

Celebrating its 175th anniversary and still family owned, we knew Antoine’s was going to be on our list.  Being the oldest French-Creole fine dining restaurant in NOLA, it’s certainly not the best place for vegetarians, but they did whip me up a tomato-based veggie dish!  The service is top notch (tuxedos, people!) and the dessert, incredible.  We got the Baked Alaska–and while the photo doesn’t do it justice, it was one of the more impressive desserts we’ve ever shared.

L1020206 L1020208

And saving the best for last…District Donuts!  Located on Magazine Street, this was also a cab ride from the French Quarter, but worth every penny!  The donuts are the size of your head, and in really creative flavors, think Milk + Cereal and Vietnamese Coffee.  Let’s just say there’s not a donut shop in NYC that I’ve been to (and I’ve been to them all!) that holds a candle to this place!  The food was really fabulous, too.  They do simple sammies and sliders, but have perfected them all.  My Caprese bagel sammie was a definite highlight.

L1020190 L1020192 L1020194

What To Do

NOLA is famous for its street parades and festivals, so check ahead with the NOLA Visitor’s Bureau before you go to see what’s happening!  We were there during the Creole Tomato Festival, and spent an afternoon wandering through the French Market, listening to live music, watching street performances, and of course, eating.

L1020133 L1020131 L1020120

You guys know I’m a huge fan of tours, and we were SO happy we opted for a bike tour with Confederacy of Cruisers.  Not only did we get tons of fun history and info about NOLA (including what it was like during Hurricane Katrina from a local’s perspective), but we got to cruise through some of the off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods that we never would have made it to on foot.


Bourbon Street is surely something to experience (it’s like the Times Square of NOLA!), and while we didn’t get all crazy (cause, babymoon!), we did stop in for a fantastic (and free!) jazz show at Irvin Mayfield’s.

L1020166 L1020174

Where To Stay

Ok, this was the only part of our getaway that we weren’t crazy about.  While The Royal Sonesta looked lovely online and was definitely in the heart of The French Quarter, when we showed up they were in the middle of a massive construction project (read: banging on the ceilings and walls from 8am to 8pm!) We weren’t in the room too much, but it did put a damper on things when we were.  The hotel was nice enough to give us an upgrade to a suite, but if we had to do it again we surely would pick a smaller property with a more boutique feel, or maybe a B&B.

It gets pretty hot and humid in NOLA, so staying a a hotel with a pool isn’t a bad idea.  Mid-afternoon dunk?  Yes, please!

We really had the best time kicking off the 2nd trimester in New Orleans!  May it be the start to many fun adventures to come with the little man or little lady!  





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