Behind The Scenes With NYC Bloggers At Harlem Shake!


Have you ever gone out to eat with a food blogger?  My (poor) husband has, and he can attest to many meals that have gone from hot out the oven to room temp by the time he’s “allowed” to eat…i.e. the time it takes me to photograph;-)  Okay, I kid, I kid, it’s not all thatttttt bad, but there is a bit of prep work that goes into it, that may or may not involve standing on one’s seat to get that perfect shot.

So you can imagine my delight to dine at the newly opened East Harlem Shake with a bunch of other NYC bloggers…no explanation necessary of why I was photographing my ice cream cone from 17 different angles before I dug in to get that perfect shot…they totally got it.

I thought it would be fun to show YOU GUYS what the behind the scenes of blog life looks like, foodie edition, TAKE ONE!  Here’s a few of my favorite snapshots from the afternoon:

It was such fun to be in the company of fellow bloggers…it’s this kind of strange world where many of us have followed each other online via our articles and Tweets and ‘Grams for many years, but have never actually met in person!  I think that’s what you call #InternetBesties, right?;-)  The lovely Mary in Manhattan (who you may remember we featured on the site last October!), was the mastermind in organizing the tasting–gold stars for making it happen, Mary!


And in case you’re wondering, YES, Harlem Shake IS all that and a bag of chips!  Such a fun, old school juke box diner feel, I felt like I stepped onto the set of Grease.  The shakes were poppin’, fries hot and crispy, veggie burger RIDICULOUSLY flavorful, and the prices?  Holy moly, probably the best you’ll find in Manhattan.  Even if you don’t live in the neighborhood, take a trip to East Harlem, grab a glass of the “Cheap” wine ($7), and tell them Used York City sent you.

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into the behind the scenes of the blogging life!  Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this type of article and if you would like to see more…I feel like my camera is so full of outtakes, it could make for a blog of it’s own;-)

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To bloggers and (veggie) burgers!




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