Breakfast At Greenpoint’s ‘Peter Pan Donut And Pastry Shop’

I first heard of Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop from illustrator James Gulliver Hancock. In my book Treat Yo’self in the City, Hancock’s tip he gives readers for how to treat themselves in the city is to:

Buy a pencil and paper and a doughnut from Peter Pan in Greenpoint, and ride around the city drawing everything you see.

Finding myself in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for a meeting this week, I of course heeded his advice and Google Mapped my way to Peter Pan. Honestly, what a cute spot. I felt as though I stepped back into time–to a time when counter girls still wore mint green and pink uniforms, neighbors met over steaming mugs of coffee and Coconut Dreams, and cash was the only thing accepted. 

It made me happy to see a line snaking out the door–filled in equal parts with local police officers on the job, construction workers, hipsters with fanny packs, and neighborhood locals who legit looked as though they’ve lived in the area for the past 90 years. You marvel at the kind of change they’ve seen over the decades, but it all comes back to the simplistic beauty of enjoying your morning at the local donut shop.

Since the place was packed and the sun shining, I took my order to go: a large iced coffee and Boston Cream, and walked the few blocks to McCarren Park. I located a bench in a little patch of shade and watched Brooklyn go by until it was time for my meeting. I may have even daydreamed a bit about moving to Greenpoint…but that’s a different blog post for a different day.

How have you used your city this week? Share below!



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  • Mike Vogler says:

    I clicked on the link you provided. As you described I love to be able to “go back in time” in a museum or restaurant and get that retro feel. It’s so very comforting to me! Good post, Jessica and have a great upcoming week!
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