Dancehall Classes With Blacka Di Danca

Blacka Di Danca...he's got energy for days!

Now may be a good time to share that I’m training for this insane race called ToughMudder.  With 12 miles of uphill running and 30 obstacles including fire, ice, and electroshock therapy (not kidding!) I’ve been spending an unusual amount of time searching for NYC workouts that can keep my attention and energy levels on […]

Yoga To The People

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One of my few complaints about living in the Big Apple is the oh-so-frigid winters!  In order to ward off the February chill (as well as get in a great workout!), one of my favorite things to do is hot yoga. Yoga to the People is unique in that there is no membership required, and that […]

Village Chinese Therapy Center


If I were to win the lottery today, there are very few things I would change about my life. I wouldn’t hire a personal chef (I love NYC restaurants too much). I wouldn’t go on a shopping spree (I love my NYC apartment with limited closet space too much). And believe it or not, I […]

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