A Conversation With A Dreamer


Victoria Milo is a Long Island native currently working in advertising but her natural passion lies in the arts where she expresses “individuality and creative beauty” with oils on a canvas. Although she is a remarkable artist, she says she never really considered herself an artist until March 1st, when her painting collection titled The […]

Top 10 NYC Movies From The Mouth Of A Native

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{Dear Readers: The guest post written by Mike Vogler, Top 10 New York City Movies From My West Coast Point Of View, caused quite the passionate discussion here in NYC, so much so that our very own New Yorker and UYC writer Joanne came up with her own top 10!) Now Mike… I don’t mean […]

Intermission: I Remember Mama

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This is a memory play….it will take us to back to a time and place we need to visit in our minds in order to remind us who we are … where we came from … where we are going. I realize that Jessica has already awarded two tickets to “I Remember Mama” but I […]

Loving Right Now: “The Little Prince: A New York Story”


When you seen the following illustration, would you describe it as: a. a hat b. a mountain c. a fruit cake gone bad d. a boa constrictor digesting an elephant If you answered “d”, I have no need to convince you to run to the Morgan Library and Museum as quickly as possible to see […]

Nothing But Blue Skies


With the trees staying bare just a little bit longer this year, I was extra excited to see blue skies out in full force in Central Park. “Blue skies?!”  you say.  ”But Jess, I haven’t seen anything but gray, gray, gray since Halloween!” (Hmm…I can’t argue there…) But no, the blue skies I’m referring to […]

Under My Skin + Giveaway

Under My Skin

Another Tuesday, another terrific theater ticket giveaway!  Here’s the info: Take the dashing CEO of America’s leading healthcare provider, a single mom from Staten Island, and an outrageous twist of fate and you’ve got the makings of a sexy and outrageous new comedy, UNDER MY SKIN. Kirsten Sanderson directs the new off-Broadway comedy about three […]

UYC’S Book Club: Rules Of Civility


Welcome to the third month of our NYC-inspired book club!  In case you missed the first few go-arounds, the idea is to read a new book each month that is either based in or about NYC, and chat about it here on the blog!  This month’s pick, Rules of Civility, was a real winner (seriously, […]

Lessons In Blogging From Garance Dore

Garance Dore

Seeing the darling Garance Dore at the French Institute Alliance Francaise during her “Style Stories” interview was already a highlight of my month life.  I find this French girl the epitome of all things style and vogue, from the perfect application of her red lipstick to her ability to create a denim on denim outfit […]

Top 10 New York City Movies From My West Coast Point Of View


My love for The Big Apple goes back to my early memories as a little boy and talks with my father. He told me of the most magical city in the world that existed a very long ways from our home in California. It had the tallest buildings in the world that looked like regal giants. It was […]

I Remember Mama + Giveaway

Go Ask Mama

This contest has officially ended.  A huge New York thank you to all who participated, and congrats to our winner, Bettie!  Stay tuned for more exciting UsedYorkCity.com giveaways! More great theater tickets in this week’s giveaway to “I Remember Mama”.  Here’s some info about the show: “The Transport Group’s 20th Century Project continues into its second […]

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