Wanderlust Wednesday: Travel Traditions


Over dinner the other night we were talking about travel traditions.  You know…a little ritual or thing you do in every place you travel to.  I find these fascinating, and am always curious about what peaks people’s interest.  My husband, for example, gets a haircut in every country he visits (the $2 haircut in Cambodia […]

My Bermudaful Vacation

Bermuda by UsedYorkCity.com

Guys: I discovered a place where it’s a constant 75 degrees and less flight time than Florida!  (Ok, Jess, you didn’t discover per say, but we’ll just play along to appease your excitement.)  Blue skies, pink sand, always-full-drink-in-your-hand…that’s right, we’re talking Bermuda! At under 2 hours from NYC (and daily non stops from JFK with […]

Street Eats In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok by UsedYorkCity.com

When people ask what the most memorable thing we did in Bangkok was, the first thing out of my mouth is, “Drink coffee from a food truck in an alley while wearing PJ’s*!”  Ok, yes, we saw lots of amazing temples, Buddahs drenched in gold, ate at the top of the world’s highest outdoor restaurant…but […]

24 Hours In Hawley, Pennsylvania


Living in NYC, it may come as a shock to you that I have a serious thing for small towns.  The barista at the (one) local coffee shop that knows your name and order by heart, gallery openings and book signings that the entire community comes out to support, and antique shops that still have […]

My Perfect Winter Getaway: Reykjavik, Iceland (Who Knew?!)

Photo Credit: Jessica Anand

After such an unexpected, bitterly cold NYC winter, I was much looking forward to leaving my beloved, albeit frozen, big apple for a few days.  Who wasn’t stir crazy from too many days inside staying warm. Time to get outta Dodge.  So while most people were flying South, researching affordable airfare to Aruba or package […]

Wanderlust Wednesday: 10 Bloggers Share Their Most Anticipated Trip Of 2014

Photo Credit: http://travel.nationalgeographic.com

Samuel Johnson once said, “All travel has its advantages.  If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own.  And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.”  At UsedYorkCity, it’s no secret that we love to explore our city and its many pocket neighborhoods nestled throughout…but a […]

Get Out Of Town: The Norman Rockwell Museum

Photo Credit: http://michaelshaneneal.com

Very few artists merit their own museum – Van Gogh, Rodin and Picasso come to mind. So I am overjoyed to add the American artist, Norman Rockwell, to this elite roster. His iconic “Saturday Evening Post” and “Boy’s Life” oversized magazine covers are not only exquisitely executed, but their subject matter uniquely relates our American […]

Your Perfect Peaceful Day Trip: Hancock Shaker Village

Photo Credit: http://hancockshakervillage.org

A past boyfriend of mine – when things became a tad too deep – would quickly end our “discussions” by declaring, “Well, I’m just a simple boy of Shaker backdrop!”  Yeah, sure, funny, funny… easy out, right?  Needless to say, he was not a Shaker, nor simple…. And we decidedly did not end up together! […]

48 Hours In The Bucolic Berkshire Mountains Of Massachusetts

Photo Credit: David Dashiell

Internally, I have been waging my country mouse vs. city mouse debate since birth -it’s my personal ping pong game. I adore NYC yet it sure feels really fine when I am able to leave a vertical, stimulating, dense city and travel into the horizontal, pristine and spacious countryside. My eyes immediately welcome a greener […]

From Africa, With Love

Photo Credit: Sora Vernikoff

Our darling contributor Sora is currently on safari in none other than Africa!  This is a continent I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to yet (someday!), so I’ve been living vicariously through Sora’s emails and photos.  Since I know many of you have a case of wanderlust just as bad as I do, I […]

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