Treasured Tables: The Back-To-Work Special

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Bzzzz (your Blackberry / iPhone)… read work emails that arrived overnight, eyes half open… Wait in long line for lousy latte (shudder)… Work, work, work. Work. Work. Grab a bite and wolf it down at New York’s most quintessentially “treasured table” – i.e., your office desk. Work – work – work some more… Coffee break? […]

Yasuda: Sushi Supremacy–Service Not Included

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We’re in violent agreement with NYC’s top critics that Yasuda is currently serving the finest sushi in New York (save for maybe the outrageously expensive $500+ per person proposition at Masa). The service; however, is abominable. To go… or not to go? (Never take sushi to-go, but that’s another story…)     I defer to […]

Despaña: A Love Letter from Spain to NYC

Galician octopus with Spanish olive oil and smoked pimenton de la vera ($9)

Greetings from sunny, succulent Barcelona – the very best place to eat – ever. The food culture is simply amazing here. I had breakfast this morning (as we do every morning in Barcelona) at my friend Juanito Bayen’s counter in the Boqueria market – one of my favorite things to do in the world. The […]

Hakkasan Is To Cantonese Cuisine As Hermès Is To Haute Couture

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“Quand on déguste ses plats, c’est de l’érotisme; mais quand on regarde ses prix, c’est la pornographie.” -Romain Gary Foodie that I am, this is of course one of my favorite lines in French literature, which roughly translates to: “the taste of his food is erotic, but the prices on his menu look pornographic!” Hakkasan […]

Al Mayass (Huh?)

Hommos (Photo Credit:

It’s unquestionably the best Lebanese food outside of the Middle East, Europe or Montreal. But the name… how dumb can they be?     Reminds me of a story that Colin Peter Field, bartender of the legendary Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris, likes to tell about his friend at the Crillon. Field has […]

Eat The Shrimp! At Aldea…

Aldea (Photo Credit:

I loved the part in the movie Shark Tale when Robert DeNiro, voicing over the mobsteresque head shark insists that his mild-mannered shark son Jack Black “Eat the Shrimp!” And way before DeNiro, Ferran Adria also insisted in what he has cited as the best article ever written about El Bulli, that you too should […]

Zibetto: Petit Déjeuner And The Perfect Start To Your Day

Adam researching this article, long ago in Brussels

I remember a particularly awkward exchange in Brussels a long time ago, in French, regarding my impression of the city: Someone: So, what was your favorite thing about Brussels? AG: Petit déjeuner (Breakfast!) Someone: Euh…? [In a characteristically French way, eyebrows get raised and…] Tu veux dire, Petit Sablon?! (Translation: you mean to say in […]

Get Your A** On The 7 Train And Go To Flushing

The 7 Train, i.e. the International Express

I suppose my use of profan*ty in the title makes me a real New Yorker. And in a way that sort of bothers me, so every now and then I need a break. Sure, it’s great to schlep out to the Hamptons or fly down to Florida for the weekend, but there is no better […]

Introducing Guest Columnist Adam Gross: Former Concierge, Current Financier and Forever Foodie

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The first thing that caught my eye after Adam warmly greeted me into his perfectly apportioned Manhattan studio were four immense collages of restaurant cards from around the world – the greatest restaurants; the who’s who of hard-to-get reservations; the military decorations of a globetrotting gastronome – all packed artistically into floating glass frames, sandwiched […]

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