Day Hikes Near NYC


Have you guys seen that movie A Walk In The Woods?  It’s about famous travel writer Bill Bryson, and how he decides to take off in his golden years for a little stroll up the Appalachian Trail, to explore more of his own country.  Yes, that little trail that reaches from Georgia to Maine and is, oh, 2,168.1 miles long!  No big deal:-)

Now, many of the ideas that go along with a hike up the trail totally don’t appeal to me.  I’m not one who enjoys tents or dirt or campfires or massive amounts of bugs or being either too hot or too cold for any extended period of time.  BUT.  I do LOVE walking…and so, right after seeing that film in the theater, I planned a little weekend day trip out of the city for my hubby and I to take our own little walk in the woods.

NYC has no shortage of easily accessible trails to reach by public transportation, so if anything weeding out the perfect one was the hardest part.  We opted to go with a solid 4 miler about an hour outside the city, the Manitou Point Nature Preserve, a beautiful walk that leads you…


through the woods


over a stream


passed a marsh


over the train tracks (third trimester warrior 3 pose, people, HA!)


to the Hudson River (and a beautiful clearing!)

The trail was marked with different color markers, so besides a few small turnarounds, it was fairly easy to follow–even for the novice hiker!  We left the city around 10am, and were back home by 4pm…including a post-hike lunch and ice cream break in the neighboring town of Cold Spring.  What a perfect fall day!

For more hikes that are easily available to reach from NYC via train or bus, click here.  And if you have a favorite walk, do be sure to share below so we can check it out!  Happy walking!


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