Designing Your Perfect Tiny Campervan!


With tiny houses all the rage, we thought we’d dive into a New Yorker’s version of a tiny house today: campervans! Campervans are unique in that you can still maintain your primary NYC residence, keep your campervan in a local garage, and then grab it and take off for a weekend in the Catskills whenever the fancy strikes.

Unlike campervans of yore, campervans can now be pretty hip vehicles. If you find a deal off Craigslist that looks like something that has been sitting in a front yard of a rural Kentucky house for too long, fear not. There are many different ways in which you can transform your campervan into a stylish home away from home, with practical yet on-trend features to add value at the same time. With a selection of essential features designed to suit all camper styles, the main focus for the camper owner is to decide on what style they wish to go for. From quirky interiors to a modernized décor style, the aim is to design a space that you can enjoy and feel at home in, throughout your travels.

Find Your Style

Deciding on the décor style you want to introduce to your campervan is a really exciting process. There are so many wonderful décor styles around, so it’s best to look for a style that suits your personality and taste. Campervans are fun and quirky vehicles, so you should always try and have fun with your décor choices. Choose the right color scheme for your décor and from that you can begin to spruce up your furniture pieces and personal touches.

The Basics

Designing your campervan yourself is the perfect way to ensure its suited to you and your personal style. Everybody is different, what works for some may be the complete opposite for others, so it’s important to know what you want for your camper and what will help you make the most out of your time spent in there. There are a few basic features that all campervans require, such as seating, a space to sleep and kitchen appliances, so ensuring your camper has these is key. You can then begin to add character and style to your camper through additional details and finishing touches.

Practical Features

When you travel in a campervan you are restricted with the amount of space you have available to you (much like your NYC apartment!), so it’s important to figure out what you need and how you can utilize your space. Introducing practical features to your camper will really help you to make the most of the space, whilst also making it look neat and welcoming. From cargo nets and red beds, to swivel chairs and foldaway tables, the moment you introduce something practical you’ll instantly notice a change in your campers feel. These features will also help to make your campervan much easier to use when you’re on the open road.

Essential Appliances

While all campervans come with the basic appliances to get by on, you may feel that there are other essential appliances that you need to help you make the most of your camper. Appliances are the key to giving you what you need throughout your journey, from a kitchen hob, oven or microwave, to a stylish coffee machine or smoothie maker. The appliances will vary from camper to camper depending on style and personal taste, so there’s no right or wrong with the items you opt to introduce to your camper. The more varied and practical, however, the more likely they are to add value to your vehicle and make it more desirable to potential buyers further down the line. Don’t forget to load up on tools which will help for any DIY projects or installations!

Would you ever get a campervan as a home away from home?

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