Dim Sum + Aura Readings In Chinatown!

Last week we all caught a terrible cold and were cooped up in the apartment pretty much all week (which, truth be told, with the election results was not the worst thing.)  But by Sunday we were on the up-and-up and desperately needed some fresh air, so we headed downtown for an afternoon in Chinatown…one of my very favorite Manhattan neighborhoods!  It was the first time Augusten has visited this particular ‘hood, and he sure loved it…sensory overload for sure…blinking lights, sounds, smells, and people watching were very entertaining for an 11 month old New Yorker.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor was our first stop, a personal favorite of mine.  We ordered dumplings, egg rolls, fried rice, and of course lots of tea.  Little man tasted his first scallion pancake and was a HUGE fan.

Afterwards we took a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood…isn’t that wall mural great?

…and ended up at Magic Jewelry on Centre Street.  Not for crystals or jade bracelet shopping, mind you, but something farrrrr cooler…getting our auras read!  It’s a teeny tiny storefront, easy to miss, so don’t blink or you’ll walk right by.  The aura reading works like so: you sit down in front of an electromagnetic camera, placing your hands on metal sensors, and voila!, the photo comes out.  Afterwards, the owner walks you through what your aura is currently saying, based on a chakra chart and the way your aura flows (which, as they say, changes every 4 weeks.)  Looking at the left side of your photo is the past two weeks, and the right side is the upcoming 2 weeks…a little bit of past, a little bit of future.


Mine was a tie-dyed jumble of greens and oranges and yellows…basically read as “you’re very positive and find happiness in what you do (the green), you have boundless energy (the height and brightness of the aura), and are right now career focused at heart (the yellow).”  Considering that raising my very demanding almost-toddler is my current career, I could definitely agree with him there;-)

So the result?  Obviously nothing revolutionary, but a definite fun way to spend an afternoon and to compare and laugh at our results (he emphasized my husband was “a very good friend but very tired” and needed to “eat lunch at the same time every day so as not to negatively impact his liver.”  Duly noted;-)

Although I do think there is something very true in that energy flows off people and places and even things.  Like if you’re searching for a new apartment, and can know within seconds of walking into a place if it would be a good fit or not based on the energy and vibes you feel?  Or if you meet someone, and click right away?  Or if you have that one piece of jewelry you never take off because you associate it with being a lucky charm?  Yeah, things like that.

Here’s to keeping the good energy, even at a time when there seems to be so much negativity (oh hello, 2016 election.)  Stay strong and kind, NYC, and the rest of this beautiful country.



p.s. in case you missed it, 5 things I love to do in Chinatown, and the Chinatown of Queens.