Eco-Friendly NYC Delivery Of All Your “Need Now!” Products

I adore a good NYC startup business, don’t you?  I was delighted to recently find out about MaxDelivery, founded by New Yorker Chris Siragusa, a service that brings you everything you need, when you need it (as in one hour or less!), by (drum roll please!) speedy bicycles!  

Now, some of you skeptics may be thinking, “yeah, but isn’t that kind of the same thing as Amazon Prime Now?”  Nope, it sure isn’t!  Here’s why: In addition to being able to order household staples that you may have ran out of but need NOW (think diapers for you parents, olive oil for you aspiring chefs, wine for the hostess running behind schedule, and toilet paper and coffee for everyone else!), you can also order Best of NY products that certainly can’t be found on Amazon Prime Now (trust me, as an Amazon junkie, I’ve looked!)  

On my most recently MaxDelivery order I got lots of NYC treats delivered…sunshine infused cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine (cause it was #TreatYosSelf Tuesday, of course!), hazelnut spread from Fika (the perfect topping for breakfast toast!), and coffee from Stone Street Coffee (cause new mom!;-)  Yay for supporting local startups AND small businesses!

Also, unlike Amazon Prime Now, all deliveries are made via bike and there’s a reusable bag program in place to limit waste, which helps our good city to further reduce its carbon footprint (and I’m sure you remembered what I have to say on that topic…so important!)

MaxDelivery is currently serving Manhattan residents located between Wall Street to 90th Street, and all summer long you can get your goodies delivered for free with the coupon code SUMMERTIME.  I predict a lot more cupcakes in my future!


  • This sounds like a great service, working with local businesses. I wonder if we have a similar delivery in London
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  • Sam says:

    Thanks for sharing the coupon code, I’ll definitely be using that this summer! I found Max Delivery about a year ago and was amazed at what they can deliver so quickly. I think the first thing I ordered was the Australian meat pies from Tuck Shop that I first discovered at Chelsea Market. They threw in a free donut from a local donut shop in there too which was a nice surprise. A few days ago, actually, I had cut my foot on some glass in my apartment and realized I didn’t have hydrogen peroxide, so I actually ordered that through Max which was great because I was in no shape to put on shoes and go to the store.

    • Used York City says:

      Oh that’s awesome, Sam! I’m so glad you had such a positive experience with them, as well!

  • What a great idea. I’ve just been over to NYC for the first of my annual visits, and noticed just how many delivery bikes there are in the NYC. It’s a city of convenience. Next time I visit, I’m planning on renting an apartment so I can cook, and will definitely consider MaxDelivery.

    • Used York City says:

      Renting an apartment is a fabulous way to get the real local experience, Ellie! I think you’ll love them just as much as we did!:-)

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